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Struggling 😪

Dec 17, 2015 9:07 PM

I thought I'd get on here and catch up with some more posts. I'm literally struggling to stay awake. I napped immediately after my shower this morning, and I napped yesterday. My docs took me off all my vitamins except the B9-folate. I haven't felt well for weeks, like I'm trying to get sick, but this feels like sheer exhaustion. Wishing everyone as painless a night as possible! Hopefully I can get back on and catch up soon, instead of falling further and further behind. (((Hugs))) & prayers for all! 🙂🙏🌼

Dec 18, 2015 8:38 AM

Flappsy, I am worried about you. Has the doctor said what he felt is going on? I am sick myself and have been for a month. My Dad has as well and so have my neighbors and both nephews. It seems whatever this "cold" like thing is, you're exhausted, foggy, can't function for very long without being totally drained and just basically feel like crap. I am so sorry that you're going through this. I'm sure that your stress level isn't helping. Getting ready for Christmas, your Dad and Hubby's Mom in mental decline, the depression and anxiety that comes with this time of year and the complications you're having with your Sjogrens and pain are ALL contributing factors. I am sending you much love, positive vibes, gentle {{{Hugs}}} and prayers that you start feeling better really soon. 💕🙏🏻🌻

Dec 18, 2015 9:27 PM

Flappys, I can understand the exhausted feeling. Just know I am praying for you! Sending Love prayer's and hugs! 💕😘🙏

Dec 18, 2015 10:38 PM

Gentle hugs to you, Flappys. I totally understand the exhausted bit. Even as I'm answering this, I've dropped my phone twice because my brain apparently just shuts down and my hands just let go. I wish you all a light pain and wonderfully restful night.

Dec 19, 2015 12:40 AM

Flappys I hate to you r hurting so bad. I've been trying to relpy to this for days now. But every time I try I go blank . you r a great person a d I feel bad I can't help more. With the way our. Bodies work even the simpist things can be a tko for us. I'm praying that you find the restorative rest u need and your symptoms clear up quickly. If anyone needs a break from pain its you. Rest will my pain friend. I'll check in on you again soon.

Dec 19, 2015 7:21 AM

Flapsys, I haven't been on much lately because I too, fall asleep every single time I get still for more than 5 minutes. I literally faught sleep when I was sitting with a nurse during my pre-op....WHILE SHE WAS ASKING ME QUESTIONS!?! I absolutely hate all this we have to deal with! I may not say a lot these days but I continue to lift you up in prayer, my friend. I pray for each if you. As Alwayzinpain mentioned, you ate struggling with so much right now and I am worried for you as well. I feel that there are many of us who pray for our colleagues here. Love, hugs and many prayers honey.

Dec 19, 2015 7:34 AM

One more thing...I think that I can speak for all of us in saying, that we all have those times when the flares mess with our heads. Satan loves it when can boar a hole in our brain so the negative emotions come pouring in. If you can, imagine yourself turning to face him, and spit in his nasty face. Then look up to Jesus and smile and tell Him, "Now, You can take over, Lord". Imagine His imaculant hand reaching in and pulling out all that negativity, (like we would do with pumpkin guts,lol) and slinging it in Satan's face! Picture satan running and crying like a brat in a temper fit on steroids! Haha! Now, after your big laugh at this, fix your eyes on Jesus, and He will grab hold of your hand to help you. I love you in Christian love, my friend. Hang tough. Prayer, friends and Jesus will get you to a better place soon.

Dec 19, 2015 8:08 AM

Flappys, gentle hugs. We are thinking about you dear heart.

Dec 19, 2015 8:35 AM

Has anyone else fallen asleep while taking to someone???? It's SO embarrassing. Especially when I continue taking, but completely stop making sense!!

Dec 19, 2015 10:14 AM

Yes. I've have and yes it awful. Luckily it's happened with family so its not that bad. But I fear it happening while I drive. So I try to be extra mindful.

Dec 19, 2015 11:01 AM

I don't drive much anymore and nevermore a mile or so unless it's an emergency. Medications make me doolally, plus the position of the driver is pretty much unmoving and that hurts. But I hate the fog and constant directionless track that my brain stumbles about or dozes off out in the middle of. The pain is bad enough, but the constant befuddlement makes it worse....

Dec 20, 2015 10:08 PM

You all are so wonderful! I teared up reading your replies. If we didn't have each other to lean on, where would we all be? Thank goodness for this community.

My hubby and I went to visit my dad & stepmom overnight. Their reception is awful so we can't use our tablets or phones there. His Alzheimer's is really changing him fast. We just saw him thanksgiving and he's slipped even further. He mostly sleeps, but when he's awake he can be combative & argumentative, hearing things, imagining things, scared of being alone, and just not the dad I remember at all. He'll say one thing and then 2-5 minutes later changes his mind and say we're all confused. He was great yesterday, but today was based.

Today he almost fell asleep sitting at the table talking. And then he asked us, "If they can't fix this (talking about docs doing surgery on his knee) and I'm not going to get better, should I fight to live, or should I just give up and let it end?". Talk about a freak-out moment! It caught all of us off guard, and we're all thinking suicide but not saying it. I was the first one to recover and I responded by saying, " I'm not living a life I thought I'd be at 54. And I have good days, bad days, and really bad days. The doctors refuse to do surgery on my neck or knee because the risks outweigh the benefits. So I have to live my good days to the fullest I can enjoy, and on my bad days I take it easy and rest or sleep or both. " He didn't seem to understand that.

It seems cruel to say, but I wish he would die in his sleep instead of worrying he's going to hurt himself because his mind is going crazy on him. My stepmom says today was a good day. Really? We can't step in because he took power from us months ago while he still could. But he won't give up his license to drive and I'm afraid he's going to hurt someone else driving. I hate Alzheimer's and what it does!!! It's more cruel than cancer in my opinion.

Well I was trying to catch up some, but I need to try and sleep tonight. Hugs, thanks & prayers for you all! I couldn't ask for better friends.

PS: @Sleepingbeauty, I have screamed at satan more than anyone knows! He loves to drag us while we're down. Goodnight to all! 🙂🙏🌼

Dec 21, 2015 10:48 AM

Flappys, I'm really sorry. Alzheimer's is horrible. We experienced it with my grandfather in law. Had to move in with him because of people coming there and taking advantage of his finances. I saw things I never would have imagined.
I'm sure you have spat in Satan's face many times. I hope you didn't take any of my well-intentioned words to sound presumptuous that you hadn't already been around this enough to know how to deal with it. I just meant to make you laugh a little. I'm sure that's why God keeps my mouth and my fingers idle most of the time. So-as to not be misunderstood. 💛
Anyway, I will continue to pray for you and your situation with your dad. I know it must be very hard for you.

Dec 21, 2015 9:02 PM

Oh no, absolutely not! I did laugh actually. If I'm not careful someone's going to see/hear me scream at satan and call for apaddy wagon! Lol. Watching my grandmother go through it from a distance was nothing like experiencing it as a child of the Alzheimer's parent. Trust me, I can use a laugh now and then. And thank you for your prayers & suggestions. Thank you to everyone! 🙂🙏🌼

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