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Struggling alot lately.

Apr 06, 2018 10:02 PM

I've been having vestibular/cerebellum dysfunction issues past 2 years (vertigo,tinnitus,ataxia, slight nystagmus) . I've lost my job of over 7yrs, live with a friend's mom and on Medical EI. For the first time in my life I'm not supporting myself, and thats huge for me considering I have since 16yrs old. I'm 32 yrs old my original Symptoms are overlapping with new ones making diagnosis ans getting help very hard. I went to hospital 2 days ago because ive been having right sided chest pain. Its been causing breathing issues and extreme fatigue. It started Mar 17th and was dull so i just thought it was heartburn/anxiety/ or i pulled a muscle maybe...I had an episode where I had full on Charlie horse, and stabbing pain in my right anterior neck area. Numbness and tingling in my jaw and right side of my tongue. Ear pain (mostly right sided). When the chest charlie horse stopped it went back to a dull pain that I feel in my back and right rotater cuff area. Pinching in my armpit and tingling down my arm. This is despite my efforts to get well, and adds on to my other issues im dealing with. My life has just changed so much its overwhelming and these recent symptoms are more debilitating than anything else ive dealt with. The Hospital did an xray and bloodwork said it was all normal. I'm embarrassed to go back and have the same normal answers but I am really struggling as these symptoms are incredibly painful and I'm just not sure what's going on. What would you do?

Apr 09, 2018 10:46 PM

The first time I had the severe chest pains that took my breath away I went to the ER. Now, years later I thought the pain I was having was just the fibromyalgia. The fatigue got worse and worse. When I finally went to a cardiologist it was discovered I was actually having heart problems and had to have s stent. It’s hard to know because fm has so many, many symptoms.

Apr 10, 2018 12:32 AM

It's so amazing how much your body can push down.
YOU need to push down things a little at a time. You might have to find a chiropractor. Mine saves me every other week.
Pain took on me at 17 and now I'm 57. Still alive. Thank you Jesus Christ. GOD bless you BIG! BIG as a big fat 🐖

Apr 13, 2018 9:48 PM

That's what my Doctor said it's probably not my heart but could be Fibro or anxiety so they want me to try an anti depressant Im not too stoked on that

Apr 13, 2018 9:52 PM

It's gets to the point where nobody sees past anxiety. Yes I have anxiety. I never did before all this started, but now doctors just look at me like a bother and don't take me seriously. I can have other underlying problems even if it's Fibro (they won't diagnose me but have suggested sooo many possibilities). One doctor said I'll just have to live with it.

Apr 13, 2018 9:54 PM

I'm glad they found what was wrong for you. I bet it was scary though

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