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Stuck at button with the feeling of no way out.

Nov 18, 2015 9:15 PM

Things have been getting worse that cold clamminess they call it to my face neck the other day I had my husband grab my right hand and it was ice cold and my left hand was hot how do you explain that to a doctor that thinks I'm crazy. I just had a long ride the other day had to stop 6-7 times just to get up and move around, couldn't sleep in the hotel room. Went for my disability hearing and of course the electricity was off in the building so we are running late and then they tell me oh by the way if we can't get it started you may have to come back and I said I can't come back cuz its too long of a drive I can't do this my husband has to take off from work my worst thing right now is I feel I'm at such a low point of my life I don't know when it's going to end I feel like I've hit rock bottom and I don't know what to do or need to do. My my family makes me feel not wanted that I'm in pain all the time but I'm expected to get all things I have to have done. My daughter she takes off leaves me with a 3 year old my mom she's 81 she's got the 9 year old grandson and my ex son in law for how much longer I hope not very long but the father he takes off and doesn't come back for days he just expects my mom to take care of JP. And it's killing me to watch her because she just wants him out but she won't kick them out because of grandchildren and he will never have a 3 year old ever if I have anything to do with it I said it will be over my dead body before he could ever have that child he has ruined the older grandson because all he cares about is playing xbox. The three year old he loves to play outside loves to play inside loves to play with the cats and dogs chickens loves to do things with grandpa but when it comes to Grandma when I asked him to pick something up for me or do something for me it's always No I think he knows that I cant bend over and pick things up good and so he don't think he has to I know it's hard for him to understand the pain I go through everyday.

Nov 18, 2015 9:37 PM

@ jnutsch, I am soooooo sorry to hear of the pain you are going through both physically and mentally. I can relate on so many levels. I know it's hard to see the rainbow through all of the storms but trust me, there is one. All things will work out. You have to keep fighting, unfortunately you may not have the help or support from your family but the good news is you will definitely have the love and support here. We are all fighting our own fight but we can all still be there for eachother in this pain family. My name is Brenda so if you ever need that lift of encouragement you can count on me. I have been where you are, feeling the lowest of low and feeling like nothing is ever going to get better and why this and why that? But then one day you realize that you are important! !! If not to anyone but yourself. So find something that you feel like fighting for and do it for that reason until you can fight for yourself. We are all here for you. ☺ sending prayers and support and gentle hugs.

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