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Surgery vs Conservitive Methods

Jul 18, 2014 4:23 PM

I've been living with chronic back pain since 2005.
during the consult with the neurosurgeon in March did not go as I hoped. He stated a two level lumbar fusion may not work. the S-1 L-5 L-4 ostiophite complex with disc de-generation could add more issues then help. The area is like a Jenga puzzle So at this point I'm trying injections like epidural S-1,L-5 with Facet blocks at L-4 & L-3. and some physical therapie. PT kills my back, with rock hard back spazams. So they started trigger point injections to break up spazams. I've had two rounds so far and it's been helping a bit. I feel the need to seek a 2nd opinion from another Spine Doctor, to see if there is a min invasive treatment. I can feel the points that irritate in my lumbar, also in my neck, with a bonus of bone spurs in my shoulder. being overwhelmed I started to see a Psycologist to help sort all this junk out. Has anyone had any min invasive surgery to clean up the ostiophites and de generated discs with moderate success. thanks for your time.

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