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Taking the last steps

Mar 10, 2020 11:51 AM

In the beginning of April my kids and I are going to West Virginia with my Mom and Sisters and Brother to put my Dad’s ashes to rest in the Family Cemetery, My dad’s best friend and preacher will be doing a small ceremony for all the family who couldn’t get the closure when dad originally passed, I was blessed enough to get the time off to go even though we will be just be opening the course back up. I am going to cherish time with my Aunt’s on my dad’s side while I can and dad will finally be at peace with his parents and sister’s that passed before him. I pray everyone is having as pain free day as possible! Hugs love and prayers ❤️💞😘

Mar 10, 2020 5:05 PM

Moparmom, cherish the moments you can take to be with those Aunts. It seems all our elderly Aunts & Uncles are battling illnesses that could take them at any time. I'm not well enough to travel yet, but my hubby is going to a 70th anniversary lunch for his Aunt & Uncle; I told him to go without me. Your family will be in my thoughts & prayers as you gather to say goodbye this weekend. I still haven't been able to grieve my sister's January death, and worry I may lose my other one. 😪 Hugs love & prayers for you all!🙂💞❤🙏🌷

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