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Talking pain difference with boyfriend

Mar 31, 2018 11:41 PM


I know many of you are in relationship from boyfriend/girlfriend to husband/wife. Obviously we all suffer with pain most if not 100% pf the time. How do you cope with how your signifant others view on pain or cope with thwm not umderstand the level of pain you are in? For example my boyfriend of 2 years complains about never sleeping when im up most of the night in pain and he is out like a light roght next to me. Or he will complain about his back hurting but he walks around and pick heavy things up while talkng like he is dying.
Most of the time i dont left things thats he says like that get to me because i understand everyone copes differently and has different pain tolerance, but last night i was in so much pain i was tryimg to be quiet but i would burst out in pain. Not too loud but loud enough. I ended up crying because the pain was sp pain and he was out completely heard nothing. Ive been in a flare with so much pain that i havent gotten good sleep in days and he tell me he did not sleep when o was crying at how much pain i was in and it didnt wake him.
I know i should not be angry if he feels tired the next day, bit he plaus it off like he lay in beed all night awake. I feel bad for beong a little upset because o try to make it a point to never invaditate someone elses experience. Does anyone ever feel like this?

Apr 01, 2018 1:44 PM

It could be a possibility that when you getting up and down in bed it could be disrupting his quality of sleep but like you say he seems to be sleeping when you get up! Lol Men!When I get up in pain I always check to see if my husband is sleeping and usually he is! But some nights I do notice if I make pain sounds next to him, he will ask if I am ok! Then I feel bad because sometimes I don't realize I am doing it!

Apr 01, 2018 1:52 PM

As far as my pain goes he never knew how I felt and still can not comprehend my pain like I don't really know how his pain is when his feet hurt! Lol Pain is a pain in the ass! It wasn't until I had my spinal fusion and couldn't get up that he understood a lot better!

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