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Mar 11, 2016 10:41 AM

My arms have been in chronic pain for the past year or so. It is hard to give them the rest they need when I have to do the same things at work that may be reinjuring them.

Mar 11, 2016 10:42 AM

This pain diagram was wrong, by the way. Not sure how to change it.

Mar 11, 2016 12:41 PM

BrokenSwan, I've had tendinitis several times. I've used tendinitis straps/bands that you were on the forearm, just below the elbow. They stem to help some, except when it's full blown flare.

Mar 11, 2016 12:42 PM

Interesting--does it help with pain, or to heal to tendon? I'll have to look those up!

Mar 11, 2016 12:52 PM

I think wearing it keep the muscles being used from being overwhelmed, which helps prevent more pain. Most pharmacy's sell them in splints area. I usually wear mine 4-5 days. I oppose you get one and it helps you. Oh, the ones with the "air pillow" doesn't work as well as others to me. My favorite one is buy "BandIt" one word. You may find them online.

Mar 11, 2016 3:39 PM

Brokenswan, I have been fighting tendinitis since I was a teenager. I've had it in my right foot and my right thumb. I wear custom wrist splints at night on my hands. I also have a stirrup brace for my ankle that has a gel insert that I can put in the freezer to help support my ankle and bring down swelling. I don't use that one frozen much though, as ice and I don't get along very well.

Mar 11, 2016 9:49 PM

Yes, I wear custom braces on my hands and have for about twenty five years, They really help otherwise I do not think I could sleep. I get tendinitis very easily. Geez, it is getting crazy....I have so many of the problems you all have! I have a family here!!! Lol Bless you all.

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