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TENS for Fibromyalgia?

Dec 09, 2016 8:07 AM

Has anybody tried TENS for pain relief? A friend suggested it and while I don't think Fibro is a nerve issue, I wanted to find out if anybody has tried it and with what results?

Dec 09, 2016 8:38 AM

I don't have fibromialga but I had a friend who was quite bad with it and she had a tens, she thought it was a miracle worker but my son's dad has fibromialga and he said it didn't work for him at all. That it just irretated him.

I have trigeminal neuralgia in all three branches in the left side of my face, I'm constantly tense from the pain and I'm very tense with my horrid anxiety. Between the two of them my neck and shoulders hurt almost as bad as the neuralgia with pins and needles in my left finger tips and a moderate pain going down my right arm with high pain in my knuckles, wrist and elbow (the knuckles hurt the most tho).
I have a cheap tens machine and sometimes it's a miracle worker, that it actually feels like it's easing the pain in my shoulders and neck but other times it feels like it's giving me electric shocks and making the pain worse. The hard thing about it is it gives me no warning when it goes like that. I'd say as well that as good as it is in offering some relief it didn't hold a patch over what an osteopath did to my neck and back....it actually felt good to feel the pain in that area because that area is numb. When he did the initial assessment he got a cocktail stick and poked it in several places in my neck and shoulders and I couldn't feel it, the muscles are so tight that the osteopath said the muscles are like a brick wall!!!!
Oh sorry I've gone on again!!! I promise myself to write a short reply without digressing but I just can't help myself lol

The only thing you can do is if you know someone who has one ask them if you can borrow it (with fresh pads, they're not expensive to buy) and see if it will work for you. Or I think they're not too expensive on amazon?

I hope you have a good day xx

Dec 09, 2016 9:29 AM

Nixl. We all react differently to different things. It really is a trial and error approach to find what works. I have talked to others where the tens worked and still others where it didn't. There are several here who even have a NeuroStim implant that will tell you it helps. Others who say it doesn't.

Is There a way to try a Tens to see if it will help before?

Dec 09, 2016 4:26 PM

Nicole, I have fibromyalgia, but I also have myofascial pain, OA, & chronic spine issues. I'm getting my second TENS unit soon. My first one no longer works. I had PT today and they used e-stim on my neck and scapulae (post-op), and it felt great. One piece of advice, if while using it you experience pain, it could helped by one of two possibilities: 1) the strength is turned up too high & should be reduced, 2) the pad is placed directly on the irritated area and should be moved off to one side or the other. I find TENS unit helpful.

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