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Terrible joint pain.That's the story...

Dec 31, 2014 6:34 PM

I have been diagnosed with leukemia.Now i'm in remission.But,thanks for steroids, i have a terrible knees pain.Doctor said this is AVN.Avascular necrosis.I'm taking very powerful drugs.But it still pains a little.I'm from Russia and thats why my english is so bad)But my doctor is in Israel and i leave in Israel now.The pain without regularly drugs is unbearable.I having this "condition" for. About 2-3 years,and this is very hard.But,i still studying in school.I'm 16 years old,in 10th grade.

Jan 01, 2015 2:06 PM

Michael, hello, my name is Dan. I am sorry you had to go through your battle with leukemia. It must have been very scary and difficult. I was reading about this a month ago. I don't know if this apples to you. But they said that the younger you are, usually it is the less aggressive leukemias. I am not saying they are not difficult. But it was saying they were more treatable. But it was not that way for all young ones. It was saying that a good many have treatable cases. I hope that was the case with. But I do lack understanding of this disease. But I am so glad that you are in remission.

I was curious, did you go to Israel to go to school and then you became sick or did they have a treatment you could not receive in your country? I can only imagine that it must have been very difficult to deal with. I hope the worst is over. I am glad that you are in remission. I hope it stays that way for longer than five years and forever. But you have a new oroblem not deal with AVN. It does sound painful.

I am suffering in my joints as well but mine is arthritic. I am sure it does not compare to yours. But my rotator cuff is tore. And my shoulder joint is completely bone on bone. There is bone on bone. And there is no Cartlidge in the joint anymore. I have arthritis all over my body.. My bones are disintegrating. I had an accident 17 years ago. I fell off a ladder 20 feet. My foot came off. But they reattached it. Ever since then, I have had health problems more and more.

I have a lot of pain. Sometimes it is so unbearable. I think I hurt worse at times then when my foot came off. I keep trying to get the doctors to figure out what is going on. To find out why this is happening to me. But they don't know. And they won't look any further so I have to find another doctor. That is my woes.

I think you are very brave for undering what you have and getting back to school. You could really let the pain get the best of you and hold you back but you didn't. Is the necrosis of the knees an autoimmune thing. Is that way the steroids or is that just due to inflammation? I am sorry to hear you suffer so. I am 45. So some may reason, that a health problem at my age can happen. But it aches our ears when we hear someone young like you becoming seriously ill. I am a parent and imagine my son, I wold be a mess.

I am glad that the worse is over. I hope they can help you make improvements in your knees. Keep looking on the Internet for ways people are treating your problem. I haven't found much relief From reputable sources. Come back and we will talk. I wish you well. Have the best day possible!!!!!!😃😃😃H

Jan 01, 2015 4:56 PM

Hello,Happy New year,at first)))Yes,your information is right,the smaller you are,the better your chances to survive...Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia is "children" illness.And old people may have this type of leukemia.0-8;65-100 this is the main ages of people having the leukemia.I was diagnosed at 12~.My chances was 70-30.My respond for treatment was good.I don't know how to say it right in english.My reaction was like by book.I had a terrible 2 years and less terrible another two years)I was "Walking Dead"))))Evrything was according to plan.I had tons of side effects,but i'm very positive person.Having the chemotherapy,i was doing my lessons at home(hospital).And even my leukemia didn't stop my education process.I was the !ONLY ONE! in oncology wing in all its history,who didn't give up with school.Where are you from?Israel is excellent country!I love it,the doctors saved me.My treating doctor is awesome.I love,really love,the doctors in my hospital.They were supporting me.Now,i must tell you about Russia.It's terrible...i love my homeland,but this was unbelievable.At first,few days before i was diagnosed with leukemia.I was in school and had thrilling headache and was pale (anemia).I went to my local hospital to my physician ,checked my blood count and it wasn't good.We went to central hospital and there i met my "oncologist" .We didn't even think about Israel at this moment.You know what she said to me and my mother?!She said -"my peaceful life is over and you will probably die".Sorry,but fuuuuu$&,this was the Only oncologist in our city.Can you imagine?I can tell more about everything privately.My mother's friend advised her to take me without any treatment and go to Israel.In russian hospital was some nurses,that advised me ,secretly,to run out of this hospital and country.I was shocked.After some time we were informed by friend in gov,that !!!!NO ONE!!!! is alive after the treatment in Russia.Further i can tell you in Facebook,maybe,if you don't mind.That was about Russia.Now about Israel...When i came there they took my blood and asked how could i get to Israel in this condition.They asked how i walked??My blood count said that i must be ,at least,unconscious.But i was strong)The first question after tests was -Have i got ANY leukemia treatment in Russia?I answered "no",and wondered why they are asking.They said,everyone who came to Israel while having some treatment in Russia,was practically untreatable or treatable with many problems.I thanked God that,i and my parents "stole" me from Russian hospital.What is tore?I don't know this word.Necrosis isn't autoimmune disease.The doctors ,really,can't tell what it is exactly.We know that it caused by corticosteroids or chemo.There is no much information in Internet about this;(I hope we can talk more privately)Nice to meet you.Hope your pain will walk away)))

Jan 01, 2015 7:24 PM

Just joined and the pain is intense. All my meds don't seem to work and going out of my head

Jan 02, 2015 4:28 PM

Tell your story here)

Jan 03, 2015 2:43 AM

A TENS machine might help you. They block pain sensors with electrical impulses. It helps me. You can buy them online. I have tried 4 different ones and they all helped a bit. Sorry to hear about the leukaemia. Hope it leaves you alone.

Jan 03, 2015 3:54 AM

I am so sorry to hear about your illness. You are incredibly strong to still strive to finish your schooling. I can't imagine how you must feel with all the doctors appointments, moving to another country, and having to add all of your school work on top of it. That is so much stress, especially when you are sick. And to be only 16 years old! You are truly awesome!!! 😎 I don't see how you stay so strong and positive having to deal with this for so long. You have reminded me to be more positive myself! I hope that you keep on sharing your story with all of us, it's so nice to speak with someone that has a great attitude. I pray deeply that God sends the best doctors and medicine to you!!!! Wishing you so much luck during your battle, keep fighting and don't give up! Hope you will soon be 100% free from leukemia.

God bless! Xx

Jan 03, 2015 6:45 PM

Ashleynwright,thank you)Happy new year,by the way)If it isn't a secret,what do you have?(disease)
It is hard,but my family support me very much.Sometimes i'm thinking ,that leukemia was better than my knees pain.And i think so though i taking so much painkillers...I would like to listen to your story)Tell me something about you)

Jan 03, 2015 11:38 PM

Happy new year to you too!!! I'm actually still searching for my diagnosis! I do have chronic migraines. I have quite a bit of body pain mainly in my neck, shoulders, and back. If you want you can read my other post called fibro questions. I explained a little bit more about my symptoms and what not in that. I highly believe that I do have fibromyalgia just because I'm only 19 and I have done a lot of research on it. My doctor agrees with me that that's something we can look into but he hasn't diagnosed me with it. Being that there is no blood test for it it's harder to figure out if it's truly that or not. I suffer pretty bad from the mirgraines that's my biggest problem for me. I get them VERY often. When I get a really bad one it usually last for 3-4 days and I can't eat or drink anything with out throwing up, get out of bed, turn the light on or anything, and probably about once a month or so when it gets so bad after about the 3rd day I have to go to the doctor to get a shot of demoral and phenergan. They don't really like giving it to me that much because it is a very habit forming drugs but luckily my doctor is very understanding and has known me for a while. I hate doctors who think I'm drug-seeking. I once had a doctor tell me that a lot of doctors think that younger people are rarely in pain and I can't stand that because my pain is REAL. Just because I don't look like I'm hurting definitely doesn't mean that I'm not.

I too was blessed with a very supportive family. It feels so good to know my family will always understand me and never give up on me. In my senior year of high school I had to drop out because my junior year I missed 32 unexcused days of school and by state law you are only allowed to miss 20. They basically told me that if I can't stop being sick I can't stay so I left. I tried to do online schooling and that just wasn't for me. It was so had to have to teach myself the material then study and have to take a test. Plus I have adhd so it was incredibly hard teach myself. So I had to eventually stop doing that too. Now I am sadly taking my ged which is the LAST thing that I wanted to do please believe me but I had no other options. But I guess that's better than nothing! I am working on getting a job as well but I know that's going to be difficult giving my migraines. But enough about me!!!! How are you feeling?

Jan 04, 2015 12:14 AM

I wonder if your knee pain is from rheumatoid arththritis.

Jan 04, 2015 2:06 PM

It is not reumatoid arthritis,for sure.

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