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Terrible nerve pain

Apr 17, 2015 12:04 AM

I am at about an 8 out of 10 in pain scale now. I am having sharp, stabbing pain radiating down back of my left thigh. It comes every 10 seconds or so. I went to yoga last night and this is the result. Took one morphine. It's been 2 hours. The pains are farther apart but I am still not comfortable. I am loathe to take another morphine because I will not sleep well. Wish I never had the spinal tumor removed. Almost at my 3 year anniversary and still so much pain😫

Apr 17, 2015 3:46 AM


I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I have lived with pain now going on 25 years. During that time , my pain level has only been like a 5 ot 6. Don't get me wrong, that is bad and hard to live with. Especially since it is most of the time. I will usually get some letup every few days for a few hours and I consider that a blessing. My family thinks I should use that time to get some quality sleep. But for me during that time, I feel alive and I can clear my mind and renew myself and come up with some new plans on how to manage my pain better.

But a few months ago, Something happened to me in my right arm. My whole arm was inflamed and I had a tore rotator cuff. The tore rotator cuff happened first and I was in terrible pain. It was in a constant non stop 6. It still is tore and they say my joint is bone on bone. But something happened in my arm. It was life 5 spots of inflammation. It was not traveling pain but radiating pain. I had to keep my arm on a pillow and not move it at all. It was an 8. I have a disability and my number 6 pain was for my foot ankle that was tore off in an accident. It was also my low back that had a nerve that would and still goes down and feels like it is squeezing a testicle. My neck is hard to hold up. Many times I have to put a neck brace on to hold it up. It would hurt so bad to hold my neck up in the air so I would come out and lean it against the furniture. I am not trying to one up you with pain. What i am getting at, is I feel I understand how you feel because when I had and still get that pain in my arm that is an 8, I can't feel any other pain site. It is like those pains don't exist anymore.

Bottom line, I am sorry you are in so much pain. I can't say I know what your pain is like but I may be able to understand the degree.. Sometimes it is hard to think of continueing our life. But there is hope. You know one thing that I do, is I go to gmai. I have an acount with them, There is a serach tool where you put in key words like your medical condition. Then you decide if you get an email for every time there is article of once a day. That is the way i like it. Then once a day, it will send me a list of all newspapers, blogs, magazines thqt mentioned your problem that day. It could really help you keep up to date about new procefures, meds, research, ect. It i just a thought. It may be of assistance to you.

Apr 17, 2015 6:21 AM

Thank you profiler! That's good advice. I try to stay hopeful. My Dr. Mentioned Botox injections the other day which no one has ever suggested. It's something new I haven't tried. I can't say I am super excited about having the injections because nothing so far has cured me, and you don't want to get your hopes up so high you feel disappointed when something doesn't work like you'd hoped--but I will say I am curious to see what effect they will have. Also, I think in our lifetime advances will be made. I hope we both find relief and healing, if not completely, then a little more each day. I'm still awake. My medicine gave me some relief but the pain is starting up again and has now moved down to my ankle. Nerve pain is strange. It's already after 1:00 am. Going to be tough to work tomorrow. Trying not to take another pill since it will only make me more drowsy the next day. The pills make me restless and alert, then I feel exhausted the next day from lack of sleep. They are supposed to make you sleepy but I guess drugs have different effects on different people. I am down to a 3-4 now, with occasional pains at an 8. I have been comfortable enough to read my book, so me medicine was good for that but it's wearing off now. If my pain gets worse I will just take the medicine. Better to be tired tomorrow and stay awake tonight from the medicine that her than be awake and in pain. Sending positive healing thoughts to you! I am rambling I know, tired😴

Apr 17, 2015 7:54 AM

Lamby1971, I'm so sorry your nerve pain isn't getting better. It sounds like a yoga move may have pinched the sciatic nerve. Have you tried icing your lumbosacral area? It would reduce any possibly swelling from inflamed muscles. Also, do you have any Voltaren gel or Aspercreme? I use to use Aspercreme but the doc changed it to Voltaren, and it works much better. I'll be praying for you. 🙏🌼

Apr 17, 2015 9:38 AM

Lamby1971 I'm sorry that you are having such pain after your yoga session. About two weeks ago I started my first yoga session, over the years I have fallen so much on my knees and shins that they were so bad after 1 class that I couldn't continue the classes. I hated that I couldn't continue the classes. I bought a swim suite so I can join our health club using my silver sneakers insurance card. The pool will be the best exercise for me with the Syrinx in my spinal cord. I'm excited about getting started. My Dr. told me that I had lost 8 more lbs. The only way I can safely exercise is too walk. I don't know if y'all remember that I had Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery in July 29, 2013 and lost over 87 lbs at first then the first yr and half I regained about 20 lbs. I still need to lose about 60 lbs. So the pool is the best for me. I'm sorry for rambling so.

Apr 17, 2015 11:07 AM

Lamby, I am so very sorry for your pain and that it is at such an aggregious level. Morphine will not help your nerve pain. Even though it is a narcotic and works on the Central Nervous System, you need a medication targeted specific for nerve pain. I, too, suffer from nerve pain and have been on Neurontin, Cymbalta, Gabapentin, all of which didn't work and had horrible side effects. I refuse to take a biologic such as humira or lyrica because of the possible side effects and being prone to infections as this point as my immune system is compromised. I know it's hard, try to stay positive. Know that you have many folks here to speak to and bounce ideas off off and that you are never alone. All the very best... I hope you feel better.

Apr 17, 2015 2:40 PM

Lamb I have nerve pain from my neck to my feet. I take 800 mg Gabapentin 4 x day, 50 mg Savella 2 x day. My insurance made me subtitle Lyrica for 3 months instead of Savella. It was like taking Tylenol those 3 months. Thank God my Dr. insisted on getting me back on the Savella. I have to reapply every year to get it. The Gabapentin is for the upper nerve pain and the Savella the lower nerves pain. I don't know how I would be able to get around without it. Talk to your Dr to see if they will prescribe you something for your nerve pain.

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