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the only way i çan sleep

Jul 28, 2015 1:47 PM

😴the only way I can sleep is my taking àmbieñ I ve been on it since 2008😢

Jul 28, 2015 2:14 PM

I was that way too Adams. I was totally dependent and kept having to up the dose. If been on it from 2006 to 2014. I was under a different psych doc at the time and she weaned me off in the months (long sleep broken months). My new psych doc kept checking my serotonin levels and raised my antidepressant until my serotonin levels were where they should be. I sleep much better now, without Ambien and rarely ever melatonin. I hope you can find a method for sleeping that suits you best. 🙏🌼

Jul 28, 2015 3:55 PM

I'm sorry Adams. I take benedryl, lorazepam, Vicodin (my one of two I get a day)and flexerill. I then only sleep 5-6 hours if I'm not woken up. I was in abusive relationship s for years and as the result I sleep with "one eye open".

Jul 28, 2015 9:16 PM

Oh SweetiePie, I do the one eye open sleeping too... Sounds like for the same reason. Thank god I got out of that situation a long time ago but it's amazing how it can still get to you. My doctor had put me on flexeril. On it for 2 months and sleeping really well. Well, she decided I shouldn't be on it so now off it. I slept pretty good last night but I'm worried that I won't sleep well ... And I'm worried that if I'm worried I won't sleep well.... Well, you can see how that goes. Lol. I want to be rested for this weekend. It is my 40th class reunion. Did I just say 40????? I want to be able to go and be able to have a good time. My husband is going and I know it is because he Worries and wants to make sure I'm okay. That's cool. I just wish it was something I could forget... Maybe just that one night??

Adams, SweetiePie and everyone in this community. I hope you all have a peaceful, restful night.... And my hopes are for a better day tomorrow for all.....

Jul 29, 2015 7:18 AM

JustBcuzz, my doc told me to do relaxing things 2-3 hours before bed. He said if I enjoy watching dramas or suspense tv shows I should record and watch them in the daytime, and watch comedy or more calm shows at night; the same for reading books. I made these changes and its helped me be less anxious at bedtime. Between the changes of meds and my actions before bed, my sleep has improved 75-85%!

I still have several nights a month where I don't sleep well or can't fall asleep, or wake up & can't go back to sleep. My doc said on nights I can't fall asleep or wake and can't fall back to sleep, to keep melatonin by my bed and take 1/4-1/2 of a 3mg tablet. They break very easily and at such a low dose I also but don't feel hung over the next morning.

Another thing we did, when our daughter moved out taking her furniture, we bought a new bedroom suit & mattress set. We paid on it 3 years, so it wasn't an easy change, Lol! But the bed is the best I've ever slept on, similar to a temperpedic, but it's easier to get off of and roll over in.

These were easy changes and worked well for me. They're actually changes recommended by the NIH national institute of health. He gave me a print out. The changes were fairly simple and work well for me. Though they might not work as well for others, do some research to find ways to help you sleep better. Best of luck to all to get longer and more restful sleep! 🙏🌼

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