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The Question...?

Nov 02, 2014 10:15 PM

Yesterday a long term friend of mine posed me a question which I thought would be relevant to share in here.

Knowing my history of long term chronic pain, failed surgery and now only facing a future of increasing pain, medication and deteriorating quality of life they innocently asked:

"What would be your best case scenario for an outcome at this stage to make you happy and give you the best possible quality of life?"

So I guess we danced around what this meant for a little while and came up with a few key things which are relevant and cover I need to stay busy doing something to keep my mind occupied

Nov 02, 2014 10:21 PM

Keep the medication at a manageable level so as to keep pain down but mental function in tact.
Companionship from an understanding partner who will not get upset when I cancel on them if I don't have it left in me to be social or go out sometimes
Work is becoming impossible but I try to keep some activity and earnings coming in.

I guess what I wanted to explore is that whilst this is a life sentence, what are the most important things to prioritise and stay focussed in when feeling down or in a bad way with the pain?

I know that the events that lead me to here have forced me to establish a new baseline for what I can do and contribute to in this life, yet I'm constantly reassessing that the value my life now holds is significantly diminished and acceptance plays a big role in how I process that but ut almost seems a little pointless now.....

Nov 02, 2014 11:21 PM

I know I have told my husband I would be happy to have some days that were a five or lower. In addition to be able to do something now and then...the life I currently have feels like it is a step below existing. I rarely go out by myself because the pain gets so bad I can rarely drive let alone shop for groceries.

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