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The Spoon Theory

Jul 01, 2014 8:43 AM

The Spoon Theory! by Christine Miserandino is a great way to explain to friends and family what it's like to have FM.

Let me know about your thoughts.

Jul 02, 2014 8:58 AM

I read the spoon theory some time ago and thought how fantastic it was for explaining everyday life. I showed it to some of my family, too.

Jul 06, 2014 8:24 PM

I like this analogy very much. thank you for sharing.

Jul 31, 2014 6:25 PM

I love the spoon theory. I have shared it with many people. There are many types of art and poetry about pain and how it effects us all no matter what condition we have pain is still pain, support is necessary.

Nov 12, 2014 12:39 AM

I read this a while back and share it every so often on facebook. I think it is an excellent way to explain what it's like to have an illness like lupus. I have several illnesses that cause chronic pain and it's nice to find helpful ways to explain what it's like to friends.

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