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the waiting period

Aug 29, 2015 10:48 PM

As many of u know im new in this journey. So I've just connected with a dr who seems to be on the right track. However , I've not been given an actual plan for pain control while I wait for my tumor removal and for my lupus blood work to come back. Its frustrating as I notice new and wording systems. Fingers going numb more and the pain from the tumors is really bad right now. So I'm still kind of self medicating with over the counter meds and tramodol which I was given for my shoulder pain. Im just feeling anxious and really ready for some noted relief .

Aug 30, 2015 7:28 AM

Aaaaaawwww poor you not nice :( :( :( if ur in the uk you can ask ur gp to refer u to the pain clinic & they "Cannot" refuse!! Surely u should be on a regular med/medz i dont know anything about tumours but fibro i take pregablin atherwise i wouldnt b out of bed & bupermorohine patches u can start on a low dose & increase it if u get on ok with them not all want to take bupermorohine/liquid morphine but its a god send for me as tranodol spaces me out only, it may b trial & error see what u get on with best i do hope u manage to get something sorted soon! x

Aug 30, 2015 9:07 AM

I use Voltaren gel a lot on my lumbar-sacrum address and all my major joints. It works faster than the Tramadol. Ask your doc to give you a Rx for it. Or you can try otc ointments. Before voltaren I was using Aspercreme. I'll keep you in my prayers for the test results to give you answers, and for the tumor to be removed with no problems.­čÖĆ­čî╝

Aug 30, 2015 9:15 AM

Thanks flappys.. I've tried OTC creams and patches not very helpful.. The tramodal worked a little in the beginning and it works on my mild nerve pain but now I have to take OTC Tylenol With it to give it a boost.
Debzwit,.. it is probablyy fault I don't have any different meds while I'm waiting. Since when I was with the dr. We spoke about so many topics and touched on a lot of topics that once he gave me the diagnosis plan as to what test he is gonna do so he can rule out certain things. I simple forgot to revisit the pain issue. But I have my notes started for my next visit. So incsn make sure I don't forget it this time.

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