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Three weeks for results

Aug 08, 2016 5:32 PM

Sigh. It's going to take three weeks for the results of the sleep test.

This is all GP has done so far, she said I should do this and then pending the results would refer me to a. Rheumatologist. Should I be harassing more or just tough it out for another three weeks?

Aug 09, 2016 5:58 AM

Omfg! U sexy demon, u 🐴
But 3 weeks!!! 😲 sweet mother of god... please tell me u havent gotta staylike that for 3 weeks!

I love that u posted this... but i gotta go change my knickers now! Lmao ur a doll xxx

Aug 09, 2016 6:00 AM

Hahaha my boyfriend didn't know what to say and i think he tried valiantly not to laugh at me.

Nah im not like this for 3 weeks but it's going to take them three weeks to analyse the data and get the results back to my gp

Aug 09, 2016 6:01 AM

U have a wonderful 'dead-pan' face hunni... its golden πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

Aug 15, 2016 7:51 AM

My favorite is the "do not remove" on the white box......you might need to learn to shop online....πŸ˜‰

Aug 15, 2016 9:58 AM

🌹Thats class that picture! 🐴one of the best! Lmao 🌷

Aug 15, 2016 8:16 PM

I just got a phone call from the sleep clinic I have to do it again 😣😬😡

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