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Thursday doesn't work for me it seem

Apr 27, 2016 9:47 PM

Last night I had aura which usually means the start of a migraine. I went to bed very early thinking I could sleep it off and be fine the next day. I woke up at 3.30am with a cracker headache and back pain. So I took Imigran and Tramadol and thought I don't have to be up until 8am at the latest there is still time to sleep it off. I woke up at 7am still headachy and a bit nauseous. Not a good combination for Physio or work. I decided to have a sick day at work and still go to Physio. I went to Physio and they worked on my back and shoulder muscles crunched my ribs and T4 into place and agreed a cortisone injection is a good idea when I visit the pain clinic next week. I came home still with a pounding head and took another Imigran which is my limit for the day. I have closed all the blinds to keep the rooms dark. Anyway it seems to me when I work Monday plus Physio, Tuesday, Wednesday, I'm a wreck by Thursday. The only difference this week is that Monday was a public holiday so no work or Physio. My work team although supportive can predict that Thursday is not a good day and i either go home early or don't make it in at all. I make myself go to Physio to stay mobile and only skip it if I'm too nauseous. I have increased my work hours voluntarily but I'm starting to realise it's not working for me. It's 18 months since my back injury and I want to be back at work full time leading a normal life. I have an appt with the psych on Saturday who I'm sure will help me rationalise that working 4 days is not a good idea. Sorry for raving on today it helps me work out what to do. If you have any comments or opinions please share. I'm open to suggestions, ideas and general chit chat about how everyone gets through the work week, particularly for those that don't "look" disabled or injured as having invisible injury tends to get glossed over at the workplace as being "fixed" after a period of time.

Apr 27, 2016 10:53 PM

OH, DipBop, I am so sorry you can't rid yourself that awful migraine. It is especially bad when your
Go-to methods don't work. Migraines are like the devil's curse- and they only leave you when they darn well feel like it. I used to have them from onset of womanhood up until I had a hysterectomy. Then like magic💥 they went away. When I had them I could not bear the light & noise & footsteps & my own movement. I thought if I just lay there in the darkened room perfectly still, did not breathe or even think---- it would go away. I was always sick with them. INo food. Even water was iffy to stay down. I do not know the hows of why they went away, but just thank God. Thank God I don't have Ito deal with them now with all the nerve pain. I wish you did not have them now.
Now I am so controlling of my situation, my person, my day, who I see , or not socializing at all. I try to keep to a daily schedule So I do not rock my boat & maybe I can keep the pain from devouring me.
I am going to go medicate & Spend some time on the heat pad. Nice to meet you!

Apr 27, 2016 11:07 PM

Thanks Silvrrry I know about those hormonal migraines too. I'm so glad a hysterectomy was your solution. I have a mild traumatic brain injury and spine injury which the neurologist thinks is the cause. I'm certain they don't really know and are trying different things to ultimately prevent and treat the migraines. I know back pain and disturbed sleep sets it off. I know if I lie quietly with my eyes closed it will eventually go I just get so annoyed with the constant interference of crappy health due to pain. Grrrr stupid migraine can suck it LOL enjoy your heat pack and careful not to burn I had a heat rash from a heat pack a few days ago.

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