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May 09, 2014 9:12 AM

How do you relieve your pain (e.g. workouts, food, support groups, therapies, etc.)? What would you recommend to others?

May 13, 2014 1:08 AM

I have been in constant pain, gradually increasing over the past 3 years. Its mostly my lower back, hips & legs. I wake everyday to numb/tingling hands. After being on a waiting list for 2 yrs I finally get to see a neurologist. I have tried everything available to relieve my pain & nothing works. However I do take a lot of codiene pain tablets & that helps me through the day. I am unable to exercise or work, but the government thinks I'm fit for work, so I dont have money. Ive tried hot showers, cold showers, heat packs, ice packs, calming teas, a lot of pills a gp doc can prescribe, numbing gels, massages, chiropractors, physiotherapy, swimming & spent my last dollars on trying to make my bed comfy. I am so tired of this.

May 13, 2014 8:44 PM

Wow... no answers for you. Wish I had one. I am lucky I can survive without many pills as they mess up my ability to focus. I am trying to work from home as a freelance writer as I am not able to work as a teacher any more.

When my feet are bad I stick them in ice water. I wear over-sized Crocs and recently had to cut some of the top out of the left shoe as my foot became painful where it touched. The pain gels actually hurt. I had to wash it off immediately. I was using a compounded cream that was working, but my insurance does no cover it now. :-(

May 14, 2014 9:15 AM

When my pain is at its worst, there's not much I can do by way of relieving it. However, when it's down around 4-7, I find that *active* distraction certainly helps make it easier to cope. Things like engaging hobbies or complicated problems that require focus and attention, but in which I am keenly interested, seem to work best and at least shift my focus to something other than pain.
Being alone with my thoughts, or insufficiently engaged/stimulated (television, movies, driving, reading, shopping, etc) makes it incredibly difficult to ignore my pain/discomfort. The other side of this, of course, is that these activities are necessary and required if I am to be social and live a normal life...

TL;DR: sometimes aggressive distraction works, sometimes pain goes away on its own - sometimes nothing works and you need to take a pain pill

May 14, 2014 8:42 PM

i have osteoarthritis of the spine also facet joint damage in the lower spine and three disc in my neck bulging causing nerve irratation of the nerves in both arms. although I have pain meds one stands out as being really effective called pregablin which used for nerve pain but also reduces other effects like pins and needles in my arms and legs. I get pins and needles at night in my arms and it was keep waking me up, so pregablin stopped all that.
other thins I use to help with pain is wheat and lavindar bean packs, which you heat in the microwave and use were ever you thing warmth would help, like joints etc. I also use a TENS machine when pain meds are not enough. it consists of gel electric (battery operated) pads applied to the area which then using patterns by electrical pulses that target pain in different areas and different pulses patterns. this can be used anytime and in conjunction with pain meds. no side effects as such.
Also I accept that I will have some pain at times, even daily so try to cope with pain for a little while of the day before needing to take medication. at least I control it rather than it controls me. your attitude to it has to be realistic and honest and most of all positive, which makes the difference in your experience of it. don t know if this will help at all but it works for me to be proactive about ill health and pain management.

May 18, 2014 3:29 PM

I've had chronic pain for nearly 6 years now. It started with acute sciatic pain, then after the back surgery in an attempt to cure the sciatic pain, I had major issues with my SI joint. Ever since then it has been a life of pain in my spine, back, down the leg and feet and many other locations.

I take daily 160mg Oxyneo, 4 to 8 percocet, 2 super anti-inflammatory, 2 muscle relaxers and 300mg of Lyrica. The Lyrica works well but when combined with all the other meds it leaves me feeling very medicated and like I am detached from my body. No wonder the Lyrica works it separates mind from body.

My diagnosis is a combination of issues with my spine caused by genetics and abuse of my body when I was younger doing extreme sports. I have bulging disks, arthritis, stenosis, spinal spurs, scar tissue and probably permanently damaged nerves. Sitting, standing walking or anything vertical will result in elevated pain, sometimes right away, sometimes its hours later that I feel the effect of being vertical.

I have tried many alternative medicines with nothing really that effective except when I had issues with my SI joint, the osteopath manipulated it back into place, unbelievably painful experience but he got me walking again and away from suicidal type pain levels. The surgeon doesn't want to operate on me again, he says I'm walking and have control of my bladder and bowels, surgery could put that at risk. I think he just sees me as a major liability and won't risk another operation.

I will be trying hormone replacement therapy coming this fall, first time I could get into to see this doctor. I know a guy who has had success with it for his chronic neck pain resulting from a car accident. In theory, the testosterone is a natural anti-inflammatory which will help you combat chronic pain.

I will also be joining a group at the local hospital where they teach you to use your mind to combat the pain. I think they teach a positive thinking exercise, using focus on anything but your pain and using breathing techniques. But that's just a guess as to what they do. I don't know how not to focus on the pain when it feels like my toes are being cut off or that I am being zapped with a cattle prod or a hot knife is slicing the back of my leg open. Never mind the spinal pain which is agonizing.

I will keep everyone posted on how well these alternative medicines work and feel free to let others know what works for you.

Jun 07, 2014 6:41 PM

running is the only thing, so far, that is guaranteed to help with my nonstop chronic headache I've had since a brain hemorrhage in Jan of 2012. I also find I must remain calm-no high emotions like stress or anger (I am the most mellow high school teacher in the world) as that spikes the pain. it is legal here so I have tried marijuana and while it has no pain killing properties, it can help me not care about the pain--like it's there but I don't really care that much. I dissociate with it. I don't use that often though because I don't want to use it if I'm teaching or driving within 24 hours. funny thing is, I don't feel high, but I do feel hungry. not cool since I'm also a trainer and weight loss coach.

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