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..Tonight Mathew, I am going to be............?🐫

Sep 30, 2016 3:27 PM

...lady in red ⚘⚘⚘
🌷 ....sharing good energy for the weekend πŸ˜™ I hope u have some smiles to share with me too πŸ€—

Sep 30, 2016 3:45 PM

You look awesome ... Red is so your colour! Made.me smile (and wish for more tatts) enjoy your weekend ... You are a ray of sunshine. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌠🌈

Sep 30, 2016 4:07 PM

ThanQ...ur smile is reward enough hunni ⚘

Ive even got my RED shoes on too! (Cant walk in them at all... shhh dont telll anyone hehehe πŸ˜‰)

All dressed up in my $5 dress... 😚and nowhere to go!🌷

Smiling from ear to ear πŸ˜„

Sep 30, 2016 6:15 PM

Smiling is all that matters. I am feeling a bit lazy now...you are dressed pretty and I put on yoga pants. Keep rocking the red it looks great on you. I am going to enjoy my yoga pants for now and just be thankful that it seems to be a low pain day for me, Yippie.

Sep 30, 2016 6:22 PM

I have yoga pants on too! About to hop in the shower. I had a mild pain day but very very low energy.

Sep 30, 2016 7:00 PM

Yoga pants must be Friday store. Got mine on too.

Oct 01, 2016 2:47 AM

Hi girls ⚘⚘⚘
When im feeling low... i chuck on my yoga pantsπŸ˜‰ and get on my recumbent exercise bike...i stick on the Bike channel🐫 ...and ride for 30mins (10k)... then i ride the endorphins 😎for the rest of the day!πŸ€— So yoga pants are just as awesome too girls! 😚

Oct 01, 2016 6:07 AM

Lulabel you sure looked red hot last night!!! Absolutely gorge... hope you had a great night and that your weekend is as awesome as you are!πŸ’•

Oct 01, 2016 12:30 PM

...yet aparently im completely invisible to my hubby lol... astonishing! Lol 😲

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