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Too much doctors Little school

Mar 29, 2016 4:31 PM

I have had a right side pain that doesn't go away it feels like someone is stabbing it repeatedly. Since it started I have had 3 ultra sounds,3 cats scans, one Mri and I am know waiting for the results and those do not include appointments to gi doctors I have missed 5 weeks of school due to these..any advice???

Mar 29, 2016 8:33 PM

Well if it was an emergency situation they would have already notified you...so no appendix problems, possible gall bladder, kidney stones/infection, possible liver problems, possible any number of disease processes... About school, notify the administrator , tell them what's happening, and make plans to make up work or pull out of school until you can get through the day without the intense pain you are having. Sorry, do t have much more experience, strength, and hope to give until you know why this is happening. Do you have nausea./Vomiting, dizziness, painful urinations, painful periods(if you are female) , any Shortness of breath, tenderness, swelling, altered appetite, referred pain to other areas when you touch the area? Any history of gastrointestinal problems, Ulcers?/irritable bowel symptoms?/constipation? Heart problems, do you drink alcohol?/smoke?/take illegal drugs?/
See, if could be simply any number of things,I would see your primary doctor again and keep making appointments with this doctor until he can help or reference you to a specialist. Moreover, you are not alone and we care!!! Much love and blessings, Terri

Mar 29, 2016 8:37 PM

Thank you, and I have delt with weight loss, low fever, tenderness to touch and indigestion. We have a gi doctors coming up. Hoping for results. Again thank you so so much

Mar 29, 2016 8:39 PM

Okay, now , rest, really rest and pull all your supportive PEEPS around you, watch a movie, and feel the love.

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