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Traumatic Brain Injury

Aug 27, 2014 3:35 PM

I was running though the family backyard at dusk chasing my 5 year old baby sister. we had a clothesline strung up between two patio posts for drying some clothes, because of the time of day the and the fact that the clothesline had slid down the posts from the previous weight of the items hanging on it... it was about 4 feet off the ground... i didn't see the line. I was running fast. i hit it hard. from my chest level all the way up my neck (mostly on the right side) I had violent bruising. I didn't stop moving. my feet flew up into the air, as I could feel my body go weightless for a brief second and then searing pain as I heard a loud cracking sound. a sound not unlike when a baseball is hit by a bat. my body and head fell from a 3 foot height onto solid concrete. I went unconscious. I don't remember too much after this except for voices calling to me in the far distance. It was my family calling out to me as they ran to take care of me. I still struggle to remember the 2 years that followed. I know they were painful. I know i cried a lot. From this injury I earned the right to be severely dizzy for the rest of my life. I still suffer from extreme pain at the point of impact when I struggle to recall things as big as memories or as small as something i just told myself i really needed to remember.

October 31, 2005
I felt sick and suffered from a fever seizure. My fever soared to over 110 f. I was brought to the nearest hospital where I was told that I may lose my kidneys, etc. Later the same night, instead of admitting me to the hospital they literally pulled the IV out of my arms, pulled me up out of the bed and said, "you have to leave now, we need the bed." They threw me, a very sick person brought in by an ambulance with a severe fever, out of a hospital. I still had a fever of over 103 f. at the time they sent me stumbling and falling my way out of the hospital. Follow up dr appts, I was put on a regimens of endless antibiotics for 9 mths to a yr. with no recourse. Except for to return to the same hospital an additional 4x over the next 6 or so months with severe dehydration and pain. I started complaining about the twitching and muscle spasms at this point in my life. at first it was only in my legs. now it's literally throughout my entire body. I was given Lyrica and 3 days into taking it I had to stop due to the fact that I was displaying all of the severe reactions to the medication! I couldn't swallow, I couldn’t walk straight without falling into walls (as if i was a walking drunk), I slurred my words for two reasons, 1) my tongue swelled up to where I was constantly biting it and 2) I couldn't think straight... my brain was not reacting well. It’s like it was shutting off, memories were just suddenly not there.

Sep 04, 2014 5:11 AM

Sue the hospital they shouldn't have ever done that to you thats grotesque

Sep 04, 2014 8:25 AM

You may want to see a lawyer about a possible lawsuit but unless the lawyer says you have a very strong case, I would recommend you just concentrate and using your energy on getting better. Civil lawsuits can take years and years, progress is very slow and it is extremely costly. unless you have a lawyer that will do it for a percentage of the settlement. They usually only do that if they feel you have a great chance of winning and then they take so much of your settlement, like 70 to 80%, that you don't end up with very much.

Civil lawsuits are draining on your emotions and requires lots of your time to see lawyers, going to discovery hearings, etc and can be very stressful so unless you are prepared to do all this and possibly invest in $10's of thousands if not $100,000 in lawyers fees then I recommend you don't do it.

See if you can find a lawyer that you can trust, one that someone you know has used and recommends. When you have your first consultation, if you don't like him/her then don't hesitate to move onto another lawyer as you are going to be spending a lot of time with them in the future and they will make lots of money off you so make sure its one you feel comfortable in helping him pay for his mortgage and toys.

Sep 04, 2014 2:33 PM

It's been nearly 10 years since this incident. I'm good with not pursuing a lawsuit. It causes too much stress and too many health issues.

I was also in a severe car accident in 1992. Among other things, I lost use of my left leg for nearly a year due to a compression paralysis in the L5 area. Through acupuncture and chiropractics I began walking again. It took time and a LOT of suffering, but overall it was well worth it. I find that if I do anything to 're-injure' my back, the use of my leg wains. The injury is an evil that once there doesn't ever seem to go away.

I'm not about fighting. I'm about living and loving... especially myself!

Thank you!

If anyone has any information on how to help the brain remember after a Traumatic Brain Injury, please feel free to share with me.

Sep 05, 2014 10:12 AM

Brain injuries are difficult depending on exactly what the diagnosis was but in general, the brain is very resilient and capable of continuing to repair itself years after an injury. It takes hard work on your part more than anything and there's no one exact solution but I would recommend considering the following:

1. Get variety puzzle books or puzzle apps if you have an tablet or smartphone. Work through them several times a week and don't give up.
2. Learn something new. Whether it be a hobby or interest it doesn't matter but force the brain to utilize pathways and areas that you might not normally use.
3. Get lots of sleep. The recent research is becoming quite significant concerning the importance of brain function being tied to the amount of sleep you get.
4. If you can't sleep well take up meditation. There are many types available for free and most will help you regain the rest your brain and body needs if you're not sleeping well at night.

Best of luck to you.

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