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Nov 20, 2017 3:16 PM

Does anyone have advice for knee and hip pain on a long car ride? It's gonna be like a fifteen hour drive. Any help will be appreciated

Nov 21, 2017 8:52 AM

Hello Michaelapo, I haven’t been in in quite sometime, but Mimkay travels by car and may have tips that I don’t...
My traveling consists of 20hrs straight through:

Listen to your body, if you need a break tack one..that 5 mins stretching may save recuperating time.

If you have cruise control, use it..(that was a hard for me)

I try to use 1/2 tank as my “needs” break...walk, stretch freshen up...etc since there are times not knowing where gas stations would be (even GPS are not always accurate)

If you have lower back issues try
A small pillow, rolled up towel to place in small of back to help relief pressure. If pain is in hip/leg use a dish towel under your leg..

I lean on the consoule to ease the pain in my ribs which of course throws my back into a tizzy...”sigh”

I sometimes push myself too hard at the beginning to make the end of the trip more breaks etc. not sure that is really wise....I don’t get a hotel room because I cannot justify the room since I sleep only about 2 hrs..

You will undoubtly learn “tricks” of your own based on what your body can handle..

If you have another driver it will be a bit easier if you pick a point to switch..some people have driven 4hrs or more hours then switch...it’s just as taxing riding.
My son and I have adopted the 1/2 tank or 2hrs to switch..thats about a good marker. We have driven from CA to TX, FL and MI
Many times...and I have made thise trips myself as well..

If I stop for gas I take a break too or if I need a break I get gas...combine tasks seem to make needs less..
Hope that helps..enjoy your trip best you can...
All my best

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