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Trying some thing new Diff

Jan 27, 2017 6:31 AM

I have made the Executive decision with a guide to go path of as many natural herbal remedy I can to help with my pain and all my mess just help me lol... So last night I tried KRATUM in tea form I'm telling you this is a magical herb I neverrrr slept sooooo long so solid I woke awake fresh relaxed just peaceful not as much pain as I was in either.... I'm now totally on board... I did get three of powder form with those u mix them with oj or apple juice something with citrus citrus activates the property's... With the tea I had to ad couple drops of lemon extract.. I am so in favor of this, and pray they stop messing with it they were trying to ban it cuz of what it does and fact it makes u feel like u'r on opiates almost it's a pain relief and body rekaxer etc it's a natural plant comes from tree this is THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD ancient medicine but it works, so there trying rske it away currently there busy lol I suggest if u'r gonna try look now.. I found mine at a respected and trusted head shop.. They package there own from bulk product so u know it's real if u get it in a package it could be cut with anything anything added so research and find a legit honest person... Anyway hope this helps some one else as we'll hugz alm

Jan 27, 2017 9:36 AM

Awesome MizzMonroe!! So glad you found something that gives you relief. I've not heard of this herb however I've been using cannibus and I don't care any more. It has been helping my pain somewhat but nothing has been helping my sleep. I've been in such a pit, I just can't sleep even with tablets and this horrible exhaustion from only getting 2 hours sleep a night on average.
Kudos to you that you're feeling well and that this is working for you: {{Hugs}}🤗💕

Jan 27, 2017 9:41 AM

I'm glad you found something that works for you. I hope it continues to be available to you.

Jan 27, 2017 10:00 AM

MizzMonroe, I've heard of it before, but can't remember who (here) talked about it. I'm so glad it works for you! AlwayZ, maybe you should get some to try.

Jan 27, 2017 10:18 AM

It's alright Flappsy, I'll stick with cannibus!!💕

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