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Trying to avoid doctors

Nov 21, 2014 10:22 AM

Hi! I'm new to this site. Let me introduce myself. I am a 40 yrs old wife and mother. Ive never had any health problems before, but 3 years ago I started having periods of intense pain; first in my upper arms, then in my feet and hands. Within 6 months, I was so weak & in so much pain that I was basically bed-fast. I would try to do my normal daily tasks like fix my family something to eat or clean my house but after being up for 10-15 minutes, I would find myself back on the couch almost in tears.

I had an aunt that passed away 3-4 years ago from RA. I know what it is & what it looks like. I have assumed for 2-1/2 years that RA is what I have but I haven't been diagnosed. I don't want to deal with doctors and I don't want their drugs.

I talked to a nutritionist and followed her diet plan for 2 years but didn't get the results that she promised ( I did get much better very quickly, but I didn't heal completely as I wanted). So I quit calling her & began tweaking my diet myself. I am frustrated and discouraged though because it seems that my pain is spreading throughout my body. Sometimes it seems that I do fine with not much pain & plenty of energy. Then with no warning, my entire body hurts & I am useless for a few days.

I have been able to avoid any kind of pain meds up to this point but this week I've begun taking Aleve occasionally so that I can function.

I'm just curious if anyone else has taken the natural approach for healing? I have so many questions to ask others who have dealt with arthritis pain for longer than I have.

Nov 21, 2014 11:23 AM

Some things I've tried. Accupressure, Acupuncture & Chiropractic care. My body is very sensitive to treatments. Currently working with chiropractor & had to limit the amount of visits per week. As I'm having better days with only seeing my doctor once a week.

Nov 23, 2014 4:18 AM

omg..... hello, RA is highly treatable and even curable with biological drugs. why are you avoiding these drugs? they are not narcotics, they are actual cures! don't let yourself die just because you are stubborn! I have oa which is not treatable. you could have that, but first, go get a simple blood test for the rh factor and you might find yourself cured. CURED. that is PURE fantasy for me! try it, PLEASE!

Nov 24, 2014 8:28 AM

I don't have any kind of health insurance and we make too much to qualify for government help.

Nov 24, 2014 8:47 AM

Try looking through Healthcare.gov to see if there is a plan that suits your needs. You never know what you might be able to choose that would work for your income bracket. Can't hurt to try.

Nov 24, 2014 11:26 AM

I hope I'm not out of line posting here, if I am, my apologies. My name is Robert and I practice Quantum Touch energy medicine. I am trying to get ninety hours of practice, so I am doing absolutely free distance healing sessions. If you're interested, you can email me at tranquilityfullspectrum@gmail.com
Either way, I wish you the best.

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