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Twisted spine

Jan 10, 2017 6:02 PM

I have a twisted back. It rotated all the way down through my body. Feels like knife under left scapula and slight thoracic curve left then curls lumbar right and pinches nerve l3l4 . it stiffens the neck and strains the groin chest and stiffened my entire muscle system. Ive been breaking muscles loose for five years stretching /chiro and when they release they give off toxins that give hot flashes and sweats/sick. Can't sit or stand very long. Been disabled for five years but they don't have a diagnosis for this kind of thing so now I have to battle that too. Need better help for thoracic twists like this
. Has anyone had a better diagnosis that Ssdi can and doctors can more easily understand?

Jan 11, 2017 12:40 AM


Jan 11, 2017 2:13 AM

Scoliosis with Harrington rod.

Jan 11, 2017 3:37 AM

They say its not curved enough to be causing pain.

Jan 13, 2017 12:59 PM

"They" are not living in your body. "They" do not have any valid opinion since this is not their reality. I had corrective surgery in 1981. There are still doctors in my life that argue with me regarding muscle pain. Usually I ask them if they have had the surgery and they shut up. Pain by definition is subjective to the person feeling it and no one else. What doctors have you sought out to help you?

Jan 13, 2017 11:06 PM

Everyone I've been to over 30 doctors every discipline including holistic. My main doctor didn't think I could stiffen my core just from structural problems so they ended up insisting Lyme disease and through me one heavy antibiotics for two years right up to a pic line . even went to high end specialist in NYC but I just got sicker and worse.

Jan 13, 2017 11:14 PM

I finally got rid of all of them and stuck with a chiropractor that seem to have the only response from an unwinding process using manigeal release and of course nutrition. We have been loosening one muscle at a time very slow for over three years now. The back and lower muscles loosened some seems like we are coming through ribs and sternum now . but its dragging my pelvis and neck head with it. The muscles get all soft and waterey on surface feels like jelly. Then I get all hot sweats I assume from toxic release. The I feel just weak and beat from it so my sleep is torqued or none for weeks then I crash for days. Plus loaded up on oxy trying to service it all. Looks like I will be in a lawyer battle with disability before I'm done. If I don't calapse first.

Jan 13, 2017 11:32 PM

Anyway my main Doctor still thinks something is underneath it that is causing g the muscles to seize. Chiro still thinks its a major structural imbalance but is taking way to long to respond and he doesn't understand the drastic hot flashes that go with it. Looks like I will have to get a lawyer to fight the disability end of things. They like exact pictures and diagnoses . what a terrible spot to be stuck in.

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