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Nov 18, 2015 3:31 PM

Just feel out of my element lately. See a new pain Dr tomorrow. My pmp took me off my adderrall which is killing me, I can't get anything completed!! I need a vacation by myself....so sick of the drama of 4 teenagers at home :(

Nov 18, 2015 4:42 PM

4 teenagers? Oh, yeah that's some drama! Is there any way you can sneak off somewhere warm, sit on a beach and sip cold beverages?

Nov 18, 2015 5:12 PM

Yuck Tr! Four teenagers?! No wonder why your pain profile is so lit up red! I feel for you. Try to get away for a bath or something

Nov 18, 2015 6:01 PM

Might be to!e for your teenager to have sleepover parties at friends house or a family !members.. You need a break. Asap

Nov 18, 2015 8:00 PM

Yes I do need a vacation in desperate need of one... I actually hv 5 teens biological and step but since the oldest turned 18 she moved bk in with her mom..so I HV a senior,junior,sophomore, and two seventh graders...bout to pull my hair out with no meds for pain nor ADHD...

Nov 19, 2015 6:13 AM

Bless your heart Trtbarker. I only had 2, and I blame them for my early gray hairs! Is there a way they can spend a night or two with friends, cousins, or grandparents? Those teen hormones are outrageous at times. I remember telling mine, when they were really acting out, "I hope one day you have 10 just like yourself!". My daughter's have 6 between them, and they tell me often that they now understand my frustration. Lol. But seriously, you need to get away, if just for a day spa treat. (((Hugs))) 🙏🌼

Nov 19, 2015 8:08 AM

Flappsy.. My Mother wished me the same thing. "I hope that one day you have a bunch of kids just like you!!! Well, I fooled her, I never had any... LOL!!! 😜🙄😳

Nov 19, 2015 11:36 AM

Lol, that's hilarious! My youngest is raising 2 stepkids...now she says she never wants her own.

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