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unexplained lower back pain.

Dec 06, 2016 11:26 PM

Hi all! I want to give you all a list of my symptoms. Most doctors tell me the issues I have are really not there. First is general lower back pain starting under the shoulder blades. Second is my tail bone area feels like there are hot rocks poking in it. Third is sitting caues pain, numbness, electric shocks from the hips down. Another symptom is little bee like stings in the unmentionable places. Then I have bladder and bowel issues. Before I had surgery I could not walk, go up or down my stairs, I could not sleep on my stomach or someone else would have to roll me to my side and work my legs for me before I could sit up to get off a bed. My pain was 24 hrs per day. I could not take the 'nerve' drugs. I had PT and it made everything 100 times worse. It was not until I forced my nureoligist to show me my mri that I found out what was wrong with me. I saw a white blob on my spinal cord and ask what it was. That is when I was told it was just a cysts. Ok, you and I know cysts can be irritating. He told me half the population have them and they never cause problems. When the nurse spelled out the cysts name I started researching and the new info out there , just under 10 years, acknowledge they can become symptomatic and cause loss of mobilityand severe pain. I am 2 years out from my surgery and am alive. The name of the cysts are Tarlov, and two other names that are general. No amount of spinal shots will ever help someone with them, and no drugs will either. They are squeezing the nerve roots. They can not be removed . They can be asperated . But I had surgery done by a doctor in Dallas Tx. He opens them does something with those nerve roots, closes them up and wraps them so they can't grow more. I had 3 of those suckers and will have to have more surgery in the futher , but I am alive. I know many have unexplained lower back problems so if just one tenth of the population have these cysts maybe you can do your own research to find what causes your pain. I have gotten really good at looking at my own mris.

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