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Unidentified Pain

Aug 20, 2015 11:19 PM

Hi everyone, I know I said I had a stroke during my brain surgery 7 months ago, but mum and I both think there's still something else going on. I've had to stop the morphine because it gave me REALLY bad nausea, and it did nothing for the pain anyway, which is odd because codeine and Oxycodone DO help the pain, and with minimal side effects. I'm sick of being treated like a guinea pig, and one day a specialist is going to give me the wrong dosage of medication, plus it's happened before.

Aug 21, 2015 7:48 AM

My abdominal pain is a mystery right now.

Aug 21, 2015 9:48 AM

Hey SS89, I have lots of pains put down to fibro which I believe is not caused by but is more likely the cause of my fibro.
My left hip is serious cause for concern. They've put it down to my lower spine which has dry discs but nothing major. They seem to avoid the hip altogether.
I'm on plenty of meds but sometimes they don't touch the pain.
I got copies of my medical records from the last six years and there's plenty in there that they've never told me, like I'm borderline hypothyroid when they told me me results were fine. 😣 Also my RA factor has gone up but they failed to tell me about that too.
I do hope you have more success with finding the root causes of your pain.

Jan 06, 2016 10:38 AM

I understand about the morphine, it does nothing to me at all except quite literally makes my pain worse.
Hang in there, I hope they find the proper medication for you and that you can stop feeling like a lab animal. Nobody deserves to feel that way :)

Jan 06, 2016 8:10 PM

StrokeSurvivor89, I'm sorry you haven't been able to get answers or help with your pain. Like PJB mentioned, I also have my records, and there is plenty in the reports that docs do not even pay attention to. You may want to get your records and look through them, makes notes of questions or concerns, and then go over them with your docs.

I began having problems with my pelvic organs, muscles, legs, all my lower body in 2008. I complained to every doc but no one could find anything, not really looking because they kept saying it was old known issues. Two and a half years later I was having major abdominal surgery to correct 5 problems in one procedure, caused by a large mass that grew because they didn't bother to check any new possibilities.

Keep pushing for answers. Document every symptom or concern. Keep taking until s someone listens. You know your body better than anyone else. You must be your own best advocate. You're in my thoughts and prayers! (((Hugs))) of support! 😷🙏🌼

Jan 07, 2016 8:24 AM

Flappy, Can you describe your symptoms with the pelvic congestion...did you have an ovarian cyst? I recently had a Ct scan r/t a right kidney infection..okay they recorded a cyst on myright ovary..no problem , well I am menopausal.. No period now for lime nine months or so..I have noticed a sense of pelvic area pressure feeling and my thighs ach like hell! A deep ache...M.D. Is aware but really has nothing but wait and see attitude, which is how I feel.But you actually got me to thinking about this , so help me girl! What cha think? Ty for listening and for anyone else for that matter that has some input! Love and Blessings, Terri

Jan 07, 2016 3:36 PM

Terri, I was having severe pelvic floor pressure (perineal area & low-buttocks). The longer I was on my feet the more it would hurt & through. Then if begin to get shooting pains down the inside of my thighs. I could tell an immediate difference after they put coils in to close off the veins, with embolization & sclerosing.

The doctor I used is in Savannah, GA. I'm going to post her link because it's how I found here when I googled PCS. I'm debating going back to see her because it's been nearly 4 years, and although the pain is still gone I'm having vein reflux in my legs now. My cardiologist said it's likely from the PCS. Below is the link, and I hope it helps! 😷🙏🌼


Jan 07, 2016 3:41 PM

Oh I forgot, in 2003 I had 2 ovarian cysts; the left dissolved with Depo shots but the right kept growing, so I had an oophorectomy (hysterectomy was in'95). Then in 2010 the surgeon found a 10 cm paraovarian cyst, which he said likely grew from cells left behind from the ovary surgery. But it grew from 2008 or longer, adhering to every piece of tissue in my body. That's why I had 5 in 1 surgeries in 2010, and still have problems with bladder, bowels, & pelvic floor muscles. 😷🙏🌼

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