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Up date on me...

Jun 12, 2019 4:40 PM

Hi I got my mammogram results they said it was normal )))).
That makes me feel better )).
Next I hope that jy babk lasts a while longer . But not sure yet follow up is July sometime.
But something is still getting to me I’m just sure yet.. I’ll figure it out sometime..
I think I know and maybe I just don’t want to accept it just yet maybe that’s it..
Maybe I’m stuggle to find my place with my sisters after my parents passing . I’m also entering on my new life as an adult and with my fiancé soon to be husband.
I used to know who and what I was before and this is still brand new to me . I’m also hope that when I get married things will change for me for the better.
I think that’s all maybe that I was trying to figure out. I even offer my olive branch to my sisters but only once in awhile I get word from them.
I guess that’s al I can do is that and pray🙏🙏🙏. Well that’s all the up date on me for now enjoy b😉 your day I hope it pain less 🌈🌈❤️🤗🤗🙏🙏🦋Shore ty for Have me in your community . Later

Jun 12, 2019 8:43 PM

Hi I meant enjoy your day without the b in the way lol shorry type off tonight . Hug Shore ❤️❤️🌈🌈🤗🙏night

Jun 13, 2019 6:39 AM

Hi. Guys Shore here letting you know where the dr did the injection well it hurting he thus morning. I might have to get the option 4 invasive .
Had any one ever had that done ? Got the spine back surgery I’m really nervous and anxious about it .
Should I be ? Hmm. July 17 my follow up date he was dr going to give me options..
Any ways I’m going to see a friend of mine with my fiancé today maybe this will perk me more up..
Hug to all gently Shore ❤️❤️🌈🌈🤗🙏Have a nice day

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