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Up Date Shore.......Frustration Time ....

Nov 18, 2019 9:58 AM

Hi I’m in a frustrated mood today I got my dr word in my chart . He said to come in to see him . Maybe Next year or more cortisone shots in the facet. Area or Med pain management. I’m all ready use Tylenol as per cream and other lotions. They don’t work as much ...
I just want my plan B or or see what’s next ,I. Need my answers to be herd about my hip pain pinching me and more leg spasms.
I am staying in the house more only going out when I have to and this if frustrated me...
This is just ridiculous I’m thinking 🤔. I’m ready to say I’m fine and keep doing what I’m doing until they give in .. Should I say that or ?
It just bothers me I’m want to get this done before I walk down the aisle next year ...sorry venting . I gtg rest up I gave choir today . I’m not even in the mood to sing hmm ? Hi to everyone try to say positive but it hmm to me ... hug gently Shore🌈🙏🙏🤗❤️ugh sigh 😔 I hope you come back soon Flapoy hi to other andPain and all

Nov 19, 2019 4:09 AM

Sorry to hear of your frustration Shore. It’s difficult to feel this pain we have on a daily basis. We want it to go away and when it doesn’t...😢 You deserve to be heard and have answers to why your having hip and leg pain and what the doctors plans are for your treatment of them. Don’t give up kiddo hopefully you will soon have the answers that you seek. Be prepared though Incase their not what you were hoping for. Sending you 🙏🤗j🌸🦋💞

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