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Update to App?

Dec 27, 2017 8:24 PM

Is there a planned update? It crashes a lot with iOS 11.
Became a contributor to help with cost. Just wondering if anything is in the works.

Dec 28, 2017 6:19 AM

I'm not sure if there will be another update soon because the app creator doesn't have any staff to work on the app, has to work at other jobs and also lives with chronic pain. Although, an update would be awesome. I would love to see the Pain Companion app include a time stamp on entries and the ability to edit entries.

Dec 29, 2017 2:54 AM

That's unfortunate. Well I still am a contributor. So hopefully they update.

Jan 01, 2018 8:51 PM

Very beneficial suggestions! Also, being able to insert photos would be very valuable!

Jan 03, 2018 6:44 PM

You can insert photos if you switch to using Pain companion instead of catch my Pain, I go between the 2 apps, this app is made predominantly for Android so crashes are more common with iOS

Jan 04, 2018 4:15 AM

This app isn't as good as catch my pain

Jan 10, 2018 5:00 PM

It’s made by the same guy And the forum runs via both apps,it’s the same group, I’m using catch my Pain to write this as you write with Pain companion....

Jan 11, 2018 2:57 PM

Hi all i replaced my phone and downloaded catch my pain but all my previous entry's not there
What can I do to get them fixed
Thanks David

Jan 11, 2018 3:54 PM

Have you tried synching entries through the settings panel?

Jan 18, 2018 3:54 PM

Yes ive lost all my entries as well i have to keep using catch my pain app to view them on my old phone

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