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Useless dr appts....

Sep 10, 2017 8:58 PM

I have an appointment with a pain management doctor which was referred to me by my neurologist. I worry because, as I have mentioned before of my white coat syndrome, I feel like it will end up being a way to get money out of the insurance company. I won't let them take blood from me. They won't write me any meds that will help me to start PT (for the 4th time) and not want to die from the pain. I've been written opiates one time years ago. I just need help to move myself forward. I don't want to look like a pill pusher. I want to look how I feel: desperate. Any suggestions on what to expect? I'm not only scared from my white coat but I'm also scared of not being heard AGAIN....

Help me.....

Sep 10, 2017 9:14 PM

Awee sweetie. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. 😔 Each doctor is different and I hope this one is really helpful to you. Maybe call and ask questions before hand. I'm not really sure what advice to give . 🤗🤗 I hope all goes well.

Oh also maybe bring a list of questions to your appointment.
Sending prayers your way

Sep 10, 2017 9:19 PM

I am hoping this app will help. I've never had my pain tracked like this. It's hard when it's laid out in front of you. I also have written down when I can't partake in activities with my friends or family. I don't know how it will go. The appointment is Tuesday. I have a trip with my mother and aunt to drive to Nashville from Michigan first weekend in October. I can't drive because the pain is too much. But even laying in the back seat will be a pain that I cannot describe. How do I go about asking for pain meds to just get me through these drives? Is that an unreasonable request? I'm so worried about sounding like a seeker. But if I am just going nowhere then I'll just give up on the idea and get use to the idea of spending all of my time home...

Feeling down :(

Sep 10, 2017 9:26 PM

That is not a unreasonable request at all. 😊 my suggestion is to bring the trip up with the neurologist and if that doctor feels uncomfortable giving you pain meds then make an appointment with your regular doctor.

Sep 10, 2017 11:12 PM

I generally try to focus on how I am in pain, slightly playing up my relaxation breathing, letting my "blank face" mask drop and my pain face show, and never mention pills of any kind. I use phrases like, "I just want some relief." Or "Do you have any ideas of what could help me on days were I have to do X activity that hurts." Also "what can I do" in place of "what should I take" It's stupid and probably mostly subconscious on the doctors part but if you never mention pills, they seem much more inclined to prescribe them. That is my experience anyway. Every doc is different, I wish you luck!

Sep 11, 2017 10:31 AM

I can only speak from my experience but when I first went to my pain management doctor I was in a helpless state as well. I didn't know everything that was wrong with me at that time and I begged and pleaded with the doctor to help me find the source of all of my pain. He promised to leave no stone unturned and that is what he did. Every doctor is different but please don't give up. The pain management doctors know we are in pain. Hopefully they will give you something for your pain sweetie! Keep us posted!

Sep 11, 2017 10:32 AM

I would also suggest reading the reviews on this doctor before you go to your appointment.

Sep 12, 2017 4:10 AM

Take an advocate with you. Write your concerns with pain areas and issues. I go to a pain clinic and they care for me. Reduces my meds. I am not damaging my liver and no itchy skin. You dont have tosuffer.

Sep 12, 2017 6:40 AM

Thank you all. I have my appointment today. I am incredibly nervous. Keep me in your thoughts!

Sep 12, 2017 6:55 AM

Good luck I'll be thinking of you 👍🏼

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