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Victory over diabetic neuropathy!👣

Sep 29, 2017 10:46 AM

Has anyone tried self deep tissue massage and the rolling pin? I'm asking anyone! If you haven't try it that is the Midas Touch! And talk to yourself or a friend and so on, keep your mind off it while you're massaging yourself and when you're rolling your neuropathy caused spasms flat as pie crust enjoy how the pain goes as you're keeping your mind off it and how relaxing it feels and accomplishing it feels to help yourself kill pain without drugs that's my best bet but if you learn from me it makes me feel even better because I helped someone with diabetic neuropathy by my diabetic neuropathy! I could use my diabetic neuropathy as a weapon against itself and use mine as an experience and lesson and help others through their to give them some enjoyable wisdom and spread the the methods to help even more people and more and so on! Again the rolling pin, self deep tissue massage and turning your focus away and not dwelling on pain, get your mind off of pain!!! Than your all set!!!👣👣👣👣👣👣👣

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