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Waking up with pain

Feb 09, 2017 1:02 AM

I wake up with pain all over. Every day. I'm aware of waking up because I feel pain. I've never been a morning person, but how can I take on the day like this? My day starts with incredible sadness, and by the time I hoist myself out of bed, I have to hurry to get to work, but I can't really hurry because of the pain. I'M SO FRUSTRATED!!!

Do any of you have tips about how to start my day better? Waking up earlier to have more time isn't really an option.

Feb 09, 2017 1:32 AM

I feel for you. I go thru the same.

Feb 09, 2017 4:00 AM

I think most of us deal with the same thing (that is if we cab sleep at all to begin with).
You've got a HUGE community behind you and you're never alone. Sending well wishes🤗💕

Feb 09, 2017 4:25 AM

Maybe try some gentle stretches while laying in bed and then I was told to breath deeper- when we are in pain we breathe more shallow and it is better for our bodies to take those deep breathes

Feb 09, 2017 7:19 AM

Do u take medications for your pain? Waking up is one the worst times for all of us and if u take medications it will probably be a little worse. Iv literally have to drag myself out of bed, some days with the help of a walker, and take my meds then slowly get moving as the meds kick in

Feb 10, 2017 1:07 AM

Yes, I take painmedication, but only just since recently, because I went a bit mad because of the pain. I can't say there's a difference waking up on or off the painmedication. Today is a (fairly) good day. Yeah for me!

Feb 10, 2017 1:33 AM

When i was working, i'd swim first thing.. it worked well. Good luck Gx

Feb 10, 2017 10:26 AM

I know waking up early is the last thing I wanted to do, but I found I had to adjust my thinking because I could no longer just jump out of bed to get ready for work. I set my alarm a half hour before I needed to get out of bed to allow my self time to stretch and slowly move around in the morning. It was the only way to not make the pain worse. And like Oldmama8 said, that was only if I was asleep to begin with. Many times, I was already wake and in a hot shower trying to relax the pain away. Good luck, but find a way that works for you and take this added stress off of you. Stress makes the pain worse as you know.

Feb 10, 2017 4:09 PM

Grogg, how have you been.. I haven't been here to chat with you lately!! Hope all is well😊

Feb 10, 2017 8:50 PM

Sounds like my life for the past 20 years - wake up in pain go though the day in pain and go to sleep in the same amount of pain or wrose step n repeat the next day for 20 years.

Feb 10, 2017 9:20 PM

Hello, I'm new to your site. It's nice to finally find others I can relate with. I've been dealing with CRPS for going on 6 years now and like Messyalien, I have to wake up ( if I've slept at all ) about a half an hour before I need to just so I can stretch, move around a little and let my meds start working.
I wish you the best.

Feb 11, 2017 9:27 AM

It seems to be the worst time of the day when you wake up and you can't move where your all stiff with pain.
I just make myself get out of bed to start the day.
It seems worse when I have a lay in at the weekend.

Feb 12, 2017 9:16 AM

Ditto what has been said by others. It often takes me two hours to get ready for mornings. Soon I have to get up for work from 8 AM - I'm dreading it.

I feel really bad, I listen to a recording by Dr James Thomas on managing pain. His voice and music are very calming. I always try to do this before

Feb 12, 2017 9:17 AM

Using oxynorm. You can find the recording on Spotify or Apple Music. I hope it also helps you.

Feb 12, 2017 9:19 AM

PS. Dr Thomas thinks you can benefit even if you don't listen to it but just play it in the background.

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