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We are looking for test drivers for our new app

Apr 20, 2015 3:18 AM

Dear community members,

We are working on a major relaunch of the CatchMyPain app. Our main goal is to significantly improve the community experience (besides improving the look and feel of the app in general). We want to help you to find similar patients and share best practices about fighting your specific condition and dealing with pain.

Therefore, we are looking for active community members who would like to test drive early versions of the app on their smartphone and provide feedback in interviews.

If you would like to be part of the early testing, please send us an eMail to contact@CatchMyPain.com including the following information:
- your CatchMyPain user name
- your phone type: iPhone or Android/Google phone (testing on tablets is not possible yet)

We are very excited to show you what we have been working on. Thanks a lot for your support!

Regards, Daniel
CEO, co-founder and fellow pain patient

Apr 20, 2015 10:01 AM

I tried to send a email to help with testing the new apps but it said it was not a valid email address. My username is weezie 12, My phone is a Galaxy S 5 , android/google

Apr 20, 2015 1:38 PM

@weezie12 I managed to send an email. You have to make sure you include all of the capitals as the email has a few. The email again is contact@CatchMyPain.com

Apr 20, 2015 2:01 PM

I'm in!! I'll send the email in a moment!

Apr 20, 2015 2:56 PM

I sent the email in too! I haven't been posting lately... really bad flare and other issues. Very excited!

Apr 20, 2015 3:41 PM

I'm going to try again guys

Apr 20, 2015 4:06 PM

I finally got it sent !! My Daughter's FiancΓ© helped me. I'm computer illerate.

Apr 21, 2015 3:47 AM

Thanks a lot to all of you who participate. You should all have gotten a confirmation by email by now. If not, please check your spam folder. And if that doesn't help, please let us know here inside the forum.

We really appreciate your support! It will allow us to launch an awesome app.

We will get back to you in a few days with more information. Stay tuned.

Kind regards, Daniel

PS there are still some open slots to participate ;-)

Apr 21, 2015 10:49 AM

I'm in... I'm all for improving how the app works, it's efficiency and the ability to bring people together. I have formed many bonds through this app that I will be forever grateful for. There are so many people who suffer and yet, like me, want to be here and try to support others who are going through the same things. This app has been a Godsend and I look forward to the next generation of the app.

Apr 21, 2015 2:55 PM

My email bounced back twice... I am happy to help.
User: LMB
Phone: Samsung 5S Android

Apr 22, 2015 11:52 PM

Got the confirmation email, happy to help

Apr 26, 2015 9:59 PM

I'm in too, just waiting for the confirmation. πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Apr 26, 2015 11:33 PM

Got my confirmation! Cannot wait to see improvements.

Apr 27, 2015 4:17 AM

Got the confirmation e-mail
I am so excited to be a part of this. Can't wait!!!!

Apr 27, 2015 7:05 AM

I can't access the app from phone at all since 7:30 pm Sunday. I'm currently on my Nexus 7 tablet. Nothing will open via my phone in the app. The rest of my phone apps work fine.

Apr 27, 2015 7:25 AM

Mine seems fine flapp, sorry... Did you hard restart your phone?

Apr 27, 2015 7:28 AM

No but I'll try that. Thanks! I had insomnia again from 2:45 on so my brain is truly fogged! Lol πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Apr 27, 2015 7:38 AM

Nope rebooting my phone didn't work!

Apr 27, 2015 9:04 AM

Shoot... How about uninstall and reinstall the app

Apr 27, 2015 10:17 AM

I waited several hours and its working now. Yay!

Apr 27, 2015 11:04 AM

I'm just waiting for my confirmation and I'm in as well. I am looking forward to seeing the improvements.

Apr 28, 2015 1:05 PM

Thanks a lot to all of you for participating! We are glad to announce that we have just started the test driving of the android app. We are still working on finishing the iPhone app (and then Apple will need to approve the release which usually takes a week). But don't worry, in the meantime we will share some other exciting things we have been working on which we won't show the android users ;-) Stay tuned...

For those having an android phone:
We have sent out mails containing the instructions on how to start using the new app. Please let us know if you did not get the mail.
If you haven't applied yet for becoming a test driver, you can join the following Google group to start testing the app on an android phone:

Take care and kind regards,
CEO and fellow pain patient

Apr 28, 2015 3:56 PM

Do you know when the android tablet version will be available. I only use my tablet, not owning a phone and being unable to type on a physical keyboard.

Apr 29, 2015 1:31 AM

@ferretbandit: Unfortunately, we won't start working on the tablet version until we have really nailed it with the phone versions. We are developing a lot of new very innovative features which will need a lot of experimentation and adaptions. Therefore we need to limit the work to the smartphones until we have a great app which we can then bring to the tablets as well. I think we won't be able to start working on the tablet version before this summer. I apologize.

@Esperanza: Thans for your participation. I have added you to the Google group. You should have received an eMail.

@All others who would like to join: Please write an eMail to contact@catchmypain.com. If you post your email here, we might not see it and your email might get into the hands of spammers.

Kind regards,

Apr 30, 2015 10:10 PM

I haven't receive the email

May 01, 2015 6:42 AM

I haven't received the iPhone versions yet

May 03, 2015 7:59 AM

@lucky13: Please check your spam folder. Maybe the email ended up there. I have sent it to your ...@outlook.com address.

@profile: We are still working on the iPhone version and then it will have to go through Apple's review. I guess it will be out in 2-3 weeks.

Kind regards,

May 03, 2015 12:15 PM

I sent a request as well and I assume that since I have an I-Phone, I am going to be in the same situation, that it will be another 2-3 weeks. I am really looking forward to seeing the changes made to this app as well as the ease of use. I have to compliment you on the version in use currently. Even though there are several things that can be added or changed, it has been a true Godsend for me. I felt so all alone and isolated with my pain and this app has brought me together with so many wonderful people who show me on a daily basis that I am not alone and never will be. These folks have helped me to become a better person and also to deal with my pain better. I enjoy coming here and actually helping the folks here to feel better. It makes me feel better knowing that I eased someone's frustrations or upset or that I gave them a giggle for the day. It makes me feel useful and also makes me feel good to be able to reach out and help someone with a TRUE understanding of what they are dealing with which is something that us pain sufferers find difficult (Finding someone to speak to and know that they understand). It took me a very, very long time to get it through my thick head that it is extremely difficult for someone to comprehend or really, really understand what we go through unless they have dealt with it on some level themselves. Thank you for developing this app and thank you for always asking us what could be better or added to make it better and/or easier for us to use. You are really amazing and I, for one, thank you for the bottom of my heart for creating such a wonderful app, supplying us with a safe and genuinely awesome place to come and vent, cry, rant, give ideas, laugh and make friends that I am sure will last a lifetime. I am sorry this has been so long but I am very passionate about this app and I had to give credit where credit is due. Keep up the good work.

May 03, 2015 12:58 PM

Email sent. Looking forward to seeing improvements to this life saving (for me) app

May 04, 2015 9:01 PM

I just installed Catch My Pain this afternoon, on my tablet. However, I recall having it before and finally uninstalling it. I don't remember why. However, after playing with it all afternoon, I do see room for improvement. There are places where it can be more responsive, like when you click on the submit button when adding a pain entry; or the stickiness of the ICD feature. Also, I've had to go to the Internet for a few of the codes for entry. Although I'm currently using this app on an android tablet, I will install on my smartphone (also android) when you send it to me.

I have my first appointment with my new pain mgmt specialist next week. I'm hoping to use your app for the evaluation.

May 04, 2015 10:11 PM

Codes? What am I missing?

May 05, 2015 11:42 AM

This entry is not to "bash" the trial or the CMP apps. It's simply to alert others of what my experience has been. Others may not mind using multiple devices all the time but I do.

I have pulled out of the trial. Once the trial app downloaded on my droid ultra phone I could no longer access the CMP app. The problem was made worse because the trial app would only let me see the community chat... I could not do any pain entries from the trial; I couldn't even view my previous pain entries. I was having to use my tablet to see my pain entries and enter more. Frustrating because I have my phone with me 24\7 but not the tablet. It's more time consuming to use the tablet also.

I notified the company I had deleted the trial app because i was pulling out due to these issues, and when I tried to use the CMP app it stayed frozen on a solid white page that comes up following the welcome page followed by the three blue-gray circles. As of right now the CMP has been deleted and redownloaded to my droid ultra phone 3-4 x and it still won't function properly. If this is how it's going to be I may not be back on for awhile after reviewing the community today. I've emailed 3-4x asking for their help and received responses that it would be addressed and fixed... Yesterday... Nothing has changed.

My only purpose for posting this is to let others know, if they join the trial they may have the same or similar issues. The bugs need fixing, as well as making the CMP app fully operable from the same device, regardless of participation in the trial app. Thank you for listening to my complaint that has yet to be properly addressed, even though, until now, was through private communications. All users have a right to know about this experience, in case their o don't want to be subjected to the same. This isn't causing pain, but it is causing stress. That's why, if my phone doesn't start operating properly with the CMP app I will be taking a much needed stress relief hiatus. I hope everyone else's experience has been 100% better than my own.

May 05, 2015 7:34 PM

Lymie, it appears that there are missing ICD-9 codes (diagnoses/conditions). I know they exist because I've seen them elsewhere. I have an MS in Health Services Admin. I Google the diagnosis and the acronym, "ICD-9". There should be a way to enter missing, established ICD codes. This feature is sluggish on the tablet. I'd like to suggest different sized paint brushes for the body diagram.

May 06, 2015 2:22 PM

Huh I can't say as I have ever seen treatment codes or an area they might be on my app. Interesting

May 06, 2015 9:28 PM

So far its been working good for me i lime the meds part after i figy it lit was ok the only part is mu big fingers on a small keyboard

May 06, 2015 10:11 PM

I installed the android version this morning but was put-off by the fact that I need to pay for the Pro version after I've already paid for it for my tablet. That's plain rediculous, considering my other apps with the paid version cross all of my devices.

May 09, 2015 1:39 AM

ICD-9 doesn't exist anymore. Many offices are messing up our billing by using outdated codes. Our new codes are in a manual called ICD-10. I hope that helps.

May 10, 2015 12:14 AM

Got my email. And opened it but could not figure how to download it. I'm a laymen when it comes to smart phones and then I accidentally deleted it. Help

May 12, 2015 5:23 AM

Hello together

Please pay attention to the subject of this topic. We are looking for test-users for our successor application. Any problems with the existing apps should be reported to feedback@catchmypain.com as always. (we cannot follow all the discussions in the community by ourself).

To all test users or such that are still interested: Taking part in the test, doesn't harm your existing CatchMyPain account, even though FlappysLady encountered such behaviour coincidentally.

A new version with more features will be released soon and we would like you to have a view on it and get your feedback.

Best regards

May 12, 2015 9:02 PM

I'd like to participate in the testing of the new app, and sent an email when I first heard about it. I haven't heard yay or nay. My only concerns at the moment is the lack of sychronicity between my cell and my tablet. My pain management provider was impressed by the reports I printed from the tablet. However, she wants me to keep track of my pain meds better. I wish you had this ability available for the tablet and not only my phone. Likewise, I wish weather and other environmental triggers were available on the phone app without further payment. I'm a pro user.

May 15, 2015 8:58 PM

Still no news on the iOS version? Also as a side note, I have an apple watch too. Maybe that could be used as a quick method of entering data?

May 16, 2015 3:02 AM

I am still waiting on iOS version.

May 16, 2015 3:00 PM

Me too. Just FYI I have also had some odd things happening with the app. Specifically the Community forum keeps disappearing randomly, no option for it at all. Something takes its place but I forget now what it is and it may be something always available that I don't use much I'm not sure. I just know the space where the Community box lives in my choices gets replaced with some other option each time Community goes away. It has happened several times in the last few days but reappears as randomly as it has dissapered so far. Don't know if anyone else has had this issue.

May 16, 2015 7:50 PM

Yeah usually you see statistics there instead. It happens to me when I lose internet connection. Once reconnected, it syncs and the button changed back to community

May 16, 2015 8:21 PM

Even with internet connection the community has been intermittent. I'm guessing there was a problem with the servers. It seems to be more stable now.

May 17, 2015 7:47 AM

Nice to know it isn't just me or my phone! Thanks πŸ˜€

May 19, 2015 9:39 AM


We invited all (so far known) beta-testers to the new 0.4.x version of PainCompanion.
Since yesterday there is also an iOS-version available. It requires you to install the app "TestFlight" from the appStore.

Rest assured that using the test-version doesn't harm your existing CatchMyPain client! We are currently working on some server improvements that harmed users with many pain entries.

Best regards

P.S. please send your feedback to contact@sanovation.com, we cannot read all community posts ourself!

May 20, 2015 10:29 AM

Roman I can't remember what password I used is there any way I could reset my password. I was really looking forward to trying the new test app out. It is very disappointing that I can't get in to it.
Thank you

May 20, 2015 10:37 AM

Hello weezie

You have to use the same credentials as for CatchMyPain. If you don't remember your password you can reset it within CatchMyPain and then login to the PainCompanion.
best regards

May 22, 2015 10:49 PM

Still no invite email to iOS version - what do I need to do?


May 26, 2015 3:00 AM

@generic: I have added and invited you as well for the iPhone version.

May 26, 2015 7:00 AM

Thanks so much ❀️

Sep 10, 2015 1:06 AM

Hello all together
Meanwhile our new app is alive since some versions and iterations. You can download it for Android in the Google Play Store
Let us know what you think!

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