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Well, another diagnosis... More pain!!!

Feb 26, 2015 1:14 PM

Hey all. I went to the ENT today and got bad news.. My ear (left) has been bothering me and in the last two weeks started hurting and I started to really lose hearing. Well, he checked me... My nose.. Deviated Septum with degeneration, my ear canal on the left narrowing because of.... Wait for it... Oh boy, I'm just soooo excited... TMJ!!! Also did complete audiology work up and I've lost significant hearing in my left ear and they want me to go for a CT Scan to rule out a tumor. He said such drastic hearing loss, the feeling that there is something big stuck in my ear and the incessant ringing that is so loud in that ear, I can't stand it, he has to run more tests to figure it out. So, the pain in my ear is really from my jaw. When I know more, I'll fill you all in. Meanwhile, my ear hurts more, the ringing is deafening (hahahaha.. No pun intended) and I have a horrible headache. I'm going to take some meds and try to get some rest... Hope all of you are having a better day. 💕

Feb 26, 2015 1:53 PM

I get tmj causing ear aches and headaches and jaw and tooth pain but how does it narrow your ear canal?

Feb 26, 2015 3:13 PM

Always I hope that it's not too serious well not tumor any way. It already is serious it has just about made you insane with everything going on. Did he offer any relief from the ringing I know you must be at your wits end. I hope you can get some rest and your headache gets better. We will keep you in our prayers.

Feb 26, 2015 8:27 PM

Gotobef, the doctor explained that the inflammation from the TMJ can cause swelling in your neck, your ear canal, etc...
Weezie, I am praying that there is no tumor interrupting the signal from the ear to the brain. The ringing is driving me out of my mind!!! I have to have sound (TV/music) at all times because in the quiet, the ringing is deafening. The pain, headaches, etc aren't helping. Thanks for your prayers, I appreciate them and will keep everyone posted on my progress.

Feb 26, 2015 9:30 PM

AlwayZ, we truly may be twins, symptomatically... Lol. Seriously though, I've had tinnitus (ringing) on & off since about 2008, and had TMJ since the 1980's. Just last year I was being sent from one dental specialist to another; wanting to do implants to replace missing teeth. The problems snowballed and an orthodontist sent me to the #1 oral surgeon for TMJ last fall. Coincidentally I had a bone mass scan just before I saw him, and it showed I have osteopenia. He ordered an MRI on my jaws and the joints are deteriorating too. My lower jaw should be cut and brought forward to correct my bite & eventually do a joint replacement for the TMJ condyles... Keyword "should". However, after getting the results back he & the orthodontist agree that with osteopenia 1) a bone graft likely won't take, 2) an implanted post won't stabilize, 3) cutting my jaw to splice with plates and move forward likely won't heal or last. The three of us talked over the pros & con's and decided we'll do nothing. Someday I'll either have denture plates ...or I'll gum my food to death! Lol

As for the tinnitus, I use an air purifier for my asthma and it works like white noise, so I don't notice the ringing as much. There's something called Menieres you might look into. Emory university in Atlanta has a special clinic to deal with dizziness, hearing loss & imbalance issues (I have all), which can occur together as symptoms masking the real problem. I'm to have a hearing test next week, and I may ask them to refer me to Emory.

I'll be praying for you. Its frustrating getting "another diagnosis blow" and feeling like "what next?" Been there, over & over again. I focus on God because He is my strength. And when I get depressed and lose focus, He sends me all of you!

Feb 26, 2015 10:28 PM

FlappsyLady, it was definitely meant for us to connect. I agree that we really are twins as far as our symptoms and ailments. I had a hearing test when I was at the ENT office today and the right ear has above average hearing (which I've always had in both ears) and the left showed drastic decline. He also spoke to me regarding jaw surgery but with the degeneration, it would not heal properly. Just to make you feel better... I've had full dentures from the age of 40!!! I never had so much as a cavity and then suddenly, my teeth started to break down from the inside and then they started breaking off. I could be having a conversation and spit out a tooth... THAT was a whole lot of fun!! 😜😳 at any rate, they did bone scan to see about implants and was declined because of the bone degeneration. When I get anxious and depressed, I pray and then I come on here because I know I'll find all of you and that I'll feel better afterwards.

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