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Well, this sucks.

Apr 05, 2016 10:06 AM

So first thing, I have chronic migraines and the one I've currently had I got in September and that sucks all by it self BUT I have been trying cope and so things to not make it worse.

Second thing, I was living with my boyfriend but due our extremely bipolar roommate (that is ok) who likes to psychologically screw with people(that is not), when the roommate made a threat to kick me out my boyfriend felt it was best I go live back with my parents so I did. He is still living with the roommate because he can't beat the rent and he graduates school in less that 4 months and moving is a hassle he doesn't need, and I agree. And I do feel less anxiety and depression so it was a good move but I can't wait until he graduates so we can move on with our lives.

Third thing, I was using medical marijuana to help treat various things with my migraine (pain, anxiety, depression, and the unfortunate things they like to cause me) and while it is more effective than anything I've ever found my parents feel it is not effective enough (they came to this conclusion without ever actually observing me while high/sober) and I was forced to stop because I have no other place to live right now. I know I need something more than just marijuana to help me function at a better level, but they won't even let me try.

Fourth thing, yesterday I went to my primary care doctor because I needed some more nausea medicine because I can't keep down enough food. She told me to be positive and exercise more, and that she won't give me any more nausea medicine. I would love to exercise more, but I need to keep down enough food to help fuel my body so I can stand up without feeling like I'm going to faint FIRST.

I am REALLY frustrated because I'm only trying to help myself feel better.

Apr 05, 2016 10:17 AM

Have you tried edible mmj? There are these sort of chews that have caryibg anounts of thc or cbd. I use a 100% cbd to stop my pain and not feel high, I don't like the feeling.
At least it can help you eat and get relief without smoking, your parents may not know, and frankly, your medicines aren't really their business, and mmj is helping you function and feel better. You'd think they wouldn't judge, but would want you to feel better.
I'm glad you have a safe place to live, though.

Apr 05, 2016 8:03 PM

DisturbedPuppy, I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with all this at once. What has your doctor done to help the migraines? My sister gets them for long periods and the only thing that's really helped her has been botox injx.

I'm glad you have been able to move back with your parents at least. Have you thought of taking them to your doctor appt, so they can learn more about why you need treatment? There are some people who, because of their own strong resolution, thinks everyone should just "suck it up.". But when they get sick they're big cry babies! I have some of those in my family. Lol. Is the doc you weren't too your PCP? If you don't have a pain specialist, do you have the option to see one? Maybe they could help with the migraines too. I can't help you on the MJ, as it's illegal here and I know very little about it. But many here have mentioned the edibles working just as well without the high. Several on here use alternatives to rx meds. Maybe some of their suggestions can help. I hope things turn around for you very soon so you are under less stress. Hugs & prayers! 🙂💕🙏🌼

Apr 05, 2016 9:43 PM

All though middle and high school I had various tests from various doctors and everything always came back that I was fine so once they ran out of ideas I got moved on to the next one. I spent a lot of time at Children's Hospital of Denver where my treatment was controlled by a team lead by neurologist but it included a pain management specialist and psychiatrist and other doctors were called in, such as an oncologist and rheumatologist when they though they might be needed to confirm or rule out things. They referred me to the Mayo clinic but we got denied because they had no other tests or treatment they could recommend, since we basically did all of them at Children's or the other doctors. I went to my primary care because I needed nausea meds so I could eat, the nausea won't go away because the pain level I'm sitting at and I don't have a way to take the actual migraine down, just all the other body pain it causes. They get worse every year but I'm not dying or even unhealthy to start out with and everything that does happen is explained by extended pain. I dropped from a size 13 a size 2 in about 3 months purely because I can't keep enough or sometimes any food down and I look like it. That's the most dramatic change I've ever had, which only frustrates me further because it's something tangible that my doctor could see besides the pain on my face.

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