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West Virginia pain patients will finally catch a break!

May 01, 2017 6:21 PM

The Senate bill 339 passed for chronic pain patients to be treated again. Please everyone in the US follow what is going on by signing up with www.painnewsnetwork.org
There is a copy of the Senate bill and maybe if we all start sending copies to our state officials we will finally get this forced opiods cut back removed. It is crazy to think that your doctor's will close up their practice because of CDC GUIDELINES that were meant to be a suggestion not a law. How many more pain patients need to end their lives or turn to street drugs to relieve the pain. Do we not all jump through enough hoops signing contracts and having pill counts and drug tests..... Yes, I am ranting. I do not understand how and why government can decide how physician's take care of patients that they took an oath to do no harm. In case you do not know the CDC/ FDA is forcing a cut nationwide of 25% of the amount of opiods allowed to be manufactured and distributed this year. There are already people in my area having problems finding a pharmacy that has the medication in stock. Since most doctors only send C-2 scripts electronically the doctors are getting angry if they have to re-send a script and I hear many have refused. Not trying to start a mass panic just want you to be informed.

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