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What is this & who should I see?

Sep 22, 2016 6:18 PM

Do you see the blue nail beds on the big & little tired? This happens all the time but today was a really good difference between colors of toenail beds. The other 3 are healthy pink. My feet were cold but these were the only 2 toes that turned blue. Could it be Raynaud's? Or do you think it's circulation, maybe vascular? Should i see my PCP or my cardiologist or the vein specialist 3 hours away? 🙂💕🙏🌸

Sep 22, 2016 6:36 PM

I have Raynauds and my nails will turn blue but then they turn white as do my finger tips and toes. It wouldn't hurt to rule out other things.

Sep 23, 2016 11:30 PM

When it comes to the your feet I've been there it is known as paranychia, a very painful condition which you should see a podiatrist or a foot doctor! Those poor feet need some TLC! It looks like you'll lose a couple toenails and that will hurt for aa little while then it should feel a little bit better but until you can be seen go buy some Epsom salt and soak your feet in Luke warm water and let your feet soak for about a half of an hour and then dry them thoroughly then use hypoallergenic skin moisturizer and elevate your feet and relax and do your favorite hobby or thing try it tell me what you think! Hope to hear from you soon and God bless you hope all goes well and get well my prayers go out for you!

Sep 24, 2016 2:42 AM

I get Paronychia of the big toe quite often, as I'm paralysed I don't feel the pain. It's normally characterised by red swelling to the toe/nail bed and then fills with puss,sometimes chronic paronychia takes longer to develop, but this picture doesn't give that impression , I smith no doctor though!! Googling blue skin/nails brings up things like-most common are Cyanosis and raynauds but here is a link.

Oct 09, 2016 7:07 PM

Best wishes and prayers go out for you I hope that things get better than they have been and that the
"toenail crisis" ends fast! That toenail crisis is bothering me too I have a trick few people know get olive oil and fresh whole garlic from the health food store and plastic wrap,. Get a small bowl tablespoon knife and board mince garlic super fine mix with 4 tbsp. Olive oil paint the effected toenail and thoroughly wrap your foot in plastic wrap but a sock on for 24 hours repeat as necessary or as desired! Garlic is an antimicrobial and antifungal antivirus antibiotic anticancer so give it a try it would not hurt if diabetic let feet breath 24 hours between treatments and garlic is a painkiller too you should try doing this everyday will do the trick, I will let you know this is making me sound like a complete quack but it works! I did it and about to do it again!!! It's great stuff and if you try it and you don't see results then call me a quack but another drink a chilli powder toddy that is a novel painkiller too try the two they work wonderfully and they don't have evil side effects so oh ginger ahh drink it paint it on the toenail but ahh drink and paint to your health

Oct 09, 2016 9:19 PM

It could be several things but if ur smart u won't mess around with feet and get itself into the doctors and get it look at. Good luck.

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