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what is this?

Oct 17, 2015 1:35 AM

I suffer from CRPS/RSD (Complex regional pain syndrome) for the past 7 years. It has recently spread to my entire body. I know that skin gets dry from its and peels, but I am getting these very weird looking dry patch's on my akin that when the dry part falls off there's like a hole underneath (gross I know) there's no blood or puss. Just like air. But the hole looks like really raw skin. Anyone know what's going on????

Oct 17, 2015 7:01 AM

That is something I have not seen myself. I have CRPS and I get dry and scaly, cracking skin. When the skin comes off, it's raw and sometimes bleeds but there has never been a hole. I would suggest a trip to the dermatologist to check and find out exactly what is happening to you and why. I hope you get the answers that you need. Perhaps someone else here has seen it but I would still say professional help is in order. I wish you the best of luck.🌻🙏🏻

Oct 17, 2015 7:12 AM

Is it possibly a lupus rash, or psoriasis?

Oct 17, 2015 9:27 AM

I as going to suggest psoriatic arthritis. I just read something yesterday about it and scaly skin rashes. Make an appt with a dermatologist, or if you're under a rheumy doc then go are them. My rheumy doc asked me if I've had any rashes every visit. Hugs & a prayer for you. 🙏🌼

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