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Why does the weather hurt so bad.

Dec 23, 2015 12:45 PM

It's the day before Christmas eve I've got so much to do but this rain and thunder and my bidybis so tired. Muscle spasms fatique irritated. This happens every time. It rains and its as if I can feel the rhythm of the rain in my muscle as its rains and even before it comes. Plus I get so hungry or more snacky. I just wanted t to eat stuff.. I'm sure that is emotional but still I've got to get out this bed. Ughh

Dec 23, 2015 12:53 PM

I hear you. It's been like that in NY for the last 3 days and it just keeps getting worse. It's supposed to continue through the weekend. Hang in there, you'll make it through. If you need to yell or holler, just come here and get it off your chest. It still carrying a cold after over a month, got a menopausal period from hell and the weather.. Then of course, the blues I always get around this time of year. You're not alone. Sending you lots of love, gentle {{{{Hugs}}}} and prayers that your day is more peaceful and that your pain levels subside so you can do what you need to do.💕🙏🏻🌻

Dec 23, 2015 1:06 PM

Thanks always.. It'd frustrating because I want and need to do so much and I normally never go out on Christmas eve due to crazy people... Lol.... But this year has been awful. I quess I need to be patient. And hope it lifts soon. Especially if they calling for wirsr conditions I just want to be prepared. Ughhhhhhhhhjhhh

Dec 23, 2015 3:44 PM

Stress makes me want to eat. It's rained 🐈 & 🐕since late yesterday, and it may get really stormy tonight, possible tornadoes from here to Mississippi or further west. My hands and joints are swollen, throbbing, and Ferrell I've cold. But then Christmas day through Monday we'll be back in the 78-84 range. Not looking forward to the weather or body changes! But I'm praying that everyone has a safe Christmas weekend. 🙂🙏🌼

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