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Why so many ailments?!!

Aug 19, 2018 3:56 PM

Does anyone else have a string of illnesses or diseases and sometimes going to the doctors for something different makes you feel like you’re just a drama queen or you worry what else will be chucked your way??!!! I am 34 and I had a blood disorder when I was 5 called ITP. It was rare at the time and still is now, but since then I have been diagnosed with various issues I.e. -

Rheumatoid arthritis
Joint hyper mobility syndrome
Chronic migraines

I sometimes wonder, if I have all this at my age now, then what will my life be like in 10-20 years. I don’t dwell on it as my 8 year old nephew died two years ago after battling it all his life. So to me I think, well at least I’m alive. So I try to smile and be upbeat, but it’s extremely hard. Especially when doctors chuck more crap your way!!

Aug 20, 2018 1:50 PM

Yes yes yes!!!! I'm 41. My life came to a screeching halt 6 years ago. I had a great career and was moving up the ladder at a rapid pace. I was diagnosed with fibro. But I was also bone on bone in my left hip. It took 2 years to get it replaced because a 35 yr old shouldn't need a new hip. They ran me through the ringer with different treatments first. By the time they approved it I had been bed ridden for 7 months. Turns out I also have aggressive osteoarthritis in my other hip, lower back, both knees and both shoulders. I'm currently working on the right hip getting replaced. 🤦‍♀ I also got tardive dyskinesia from Cymbalta that I was prescribed for the fibro. Of course depression... Anxiety...IBSD...Headache 24/7 that turns into migraines 2-4 times a week...blah blah. I wake up every morning and think how did I get here. I also have an 11 and 6 yr old. I am definitely not the mom or wife I want to be. I was just approved for disability after 2.5 yrs of many doctors and a lawyer. 🤦‍♀ I think daily to myself I'm gonna be in a wheelchair by the time I'm 50!! 😭😭 But I fight every single day. I can't give up. At least not till the kids are outta the house. 🤣 Anyways... I know how you feel. You're not alone. ❤

Aug 20, 2018 11:18 PM

WOW I have so much in common with you Laurie1983 and Andie although I am older.....last year I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease, February of this year with Cervical Spinal Stenosis and Lumbar Spondylitis , but yet this didn’t stop new symptoms of something different 2 months ago. So now I have to wait to see what my 3rd MRI this year has discovered so now I am in pain from my neck to my hips, not to mention the migraines the cervical / upper back is causing. I try every day to not think my life is over, but I have sat at a Desk Job for 36 years and I now I feel being paid with excruciating pain and I can feel the depression creeping up because I think I’m going to be in a wheelchair in about 3 years or less. I feel like I’m in a nightmare and I can’t wake up. So I feel both of you guys worries/struggles


Aug 26, 2018 10:06 PM

CB1227, you and I must be twins or something. I also have DDD, Cervical Stenosis, and Lumbar Spondylitis, and irretractable migraines. I finally got in to see a pain management doc just last month. My GP just thought I had too much stress because my husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, diabetes, and possibly stage 3 lung cancer. Yes, the stress was really bad, but that just made my pain that much worse. I felt horrible that I could not and still can't do much to help him because I can barely get out of bed on most days, and the way the doctors think I'm just faking it when I go into there offices crying in pain and desperate for help made me feel like just giving up. I finally got my GP to refer me to a PM, but I'm still in so much pain all the time. I'm really going that much next visit to him this week he so give me something strong enough to help me. You are in my prayers, just know that there is someone out there that can truly feel your pain and knows exactly what you are going through. stay strong and don't let anyone make you feel like you're exaggerating the pain. I've found that most people can't ever imagine the daily pain that we are going through. Just know that there are those of us that can and do truly empathize with your fight to just get out of bed in the morning.

Aug 27, 2018 12:23 AM

You Know What Hopefuleaze, I often lie awake at night wandering if somewhere in the universe there are other individuals that share the exact same diagnoses that I have been dealt, I have spent days kicking myself for not taking better care of my body more. So believe me when I say I understand the frustration of countless Specialist Doubting the Pain we suffer, so I started over and got all NEW health providers. I researched and found A spine Specialist Clinic in my city. Now I’m currently getting 2nd opinions that I think I trust more . I am fighting hard to find solutions because my Family Support System is almost nonexistent since I have always been other people’s backbone ironically in the process my back has literally in my opinion became painfully weak, so because I’m a fighter I will say to you we can both overcome these pains , if you ever need a listening ear feel free to message me I will always be available

care of

Sep 15, 2018 5:00 PM

Laura1983 I'm exactly the same. I'm 31 and my diagnoses are fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, hypertension, cauda equina, osteoarthritis of my knees and wrists, depression and anxiety and finally vitamin d deficiency. I'm like what did I do in a previous life to have all this crap! 🤣

Hope you're feeling well.

Take care

Love Hayley x

Sep 17, 2018 2:02 PM

There is no meaning of all these things if nobody knows about them. Language and Science together has made humans so vulnerable and that’s why humans are consuming all the resources in hope to live better which is still not able to define what is a better life and how to get it because of so many things. Live with what is with you in you and around you.

Sep 22, 2018 9:37 AM

Laura1983, I'm sorry you are so young dealing with all this. I'm 57 and started with OA & DDD in my mid 20's, knees and neck. IBS jumped on board about 30, along with migraines and gallstones. I was healthy enough then to get a part time job (when kids reached middle school), then an Associate degree and went to work full time again (also prior to kids) in 2003. But I developed female issues and lost my uterus, then my ovaries, all between 2003-2007. I had sinus surgery and foot surgery in 2006-2007 also. Yeah they all hit me after I went back to work, and was in my 30-40's. I started having worsening ibs-c issues in 2008, which my doctors just kept passing off and changing meds on me. In 2009 Fibromyalgia jumped on board (diagnosed (dx)), soon followed by dry eyes, nose, mouth, etc (diagnosed Sjogrens in 2012). I also was eating much less. Then I started bleeding vaginally (hysterectomy so abnormal!), and went to the doc who had removed my ovaries. He did an ultrasound immediately and found a 10cm tumor. I thought it was the fibromyalgia causing so much pain that I could barely do my job the last 3-4 months I worked; it was the tumor & the Sjogrens too. Yeah it had been growing 2 years causing all the worsening ibs-c, pain, decreased appetite, etc. The last day I worked I bent over in pain & passed out. They put me on FMLA and sent me to the ER. I had to wait a month for surgery, and survived on 1 small yogurt cup a day. The tumor turned out to be a paraovarian cyst from residual ovary tissue left behind. I've never been able to return to work and am disabled due to continued deteriorating health. Primarily these are my daily nemeses:

Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens, POTS, imbalance & dizziness just from movement, palpitations and mitral valve prolapse, also Vertigo (spinning puts me in bed), Hypothroidism,
Vestibular Neuronitis of 8th cranial nerve (Hearing loss due to it), Migraine & Cervicogenic headaches, TMJD (I have severe bone loss to my jaws & TM joints, as well as other major joints & spine), DDD,/OA, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (vein congestion in the pelvis, causes horrible abdominal & leg pain when walking), OAB/IC/Urine Retention, GERD, IBS, Asthma, Dementia, brain-fog, veinous reflux disease in both legs, Anxiety, Depression, MTHFR Gene defect & a Gene defect that causes most of my pain medication intolerances, possibly new onset Diabetes, obesity, anemia ...

I understand the question of "what will my life be like in 10-20 years?" I've joked it's my parents fault because I was their 5th pregnancy, they were too old and their genes were worn out when they passed them to me! Lol. But seriously I can see my grandmother and my Mom in my illnesses. They didn't go to doctors much, and doctors then would have passed their symptoms off as "female dramatics.". They died at 71 & 65. I believe I inherited many issues. But I also believe the tumor that grew caused toxic inflammation to me and other autoimmune issues (AI) jumped on board.

Like others stated, my life came to a screeching halt in 2010, and it's been all downhill since. I can't walk too long or my blood pools in my feet, they start tingling, I get lightheaded. And the POTS jumps on the train where my blood pressure drops while my heart rate increases, trying to get blood pumped back to my heart/lungs for oxygen, fighting against the vein reflux (backflow of blood in the veins...down not up). And if I sit too long (or lay) the circulation pools in my legs and I have to stand still to counteract the POTS/vein reflux; plus being still too long risks a blood clot forming in my legs, or on the way back to the heart. What company would want me as an employee? None, if I fell out at work I might injure myself and they'd be afraid of a lawsuit. So as you can see I am a difficult case of many medical issues that overlap & complicate.

You, me & most everyone here are here because we understand each other. We may have different issues causing our pain & sicknesses, but because we have them we truly understand the frustration, the loneliness, the judgement from those healthy, etc. We know this is a safe zone where we can cry, complain, laugh, and get support from others. We are all different in issues and pain treatment and tolerance levels. Not everything works for everyone. I've been helping take care of my dad's & stepmom's financial, medical appts, and clothing/toiletry needs for 2 years. We had to move them close by to assisted living facility, but still the stress on me has been tremendous.

I'm just finding time to get back on this forum, and when I updated my pain I saw a drastic worsening from 2 years ago. My issues have worsened, but stress has not helped. There are days I refuse to take calls or text because I just need some 'me' time to recoup. I read, play games, do puzzles, watch TV, play with my dog, and when I feel up to it I exercise lightly. I do relaxation & deep breathing too, especially with my increased anxiety. I take it one day at a time, one hour at a time. And I've learned to tell others no, putting myself first, because if I don't take care of me no one else will.
At times I've hoped I'd die Young. Then I realize I want to live to see my grandchildren grow up and start lives of their own. I'll die when my time comes, and welcome the relief, but I'd never take my own life. I've suffered through suicides of others and I'll never put my family through that. I'll reach for help first. And as always I will trust God for strength to get through, a day, an hour, an activity at a time.

I'm sending you hugs love & prayers, that as you travel your road of health challenges you will find ways to help relieve some of the symptoms as well as methods to cope with the ever-changing days! 🙂❤🙏🌼

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