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Why won’t anything help?

Nov 26, 2017 11:34 AM

I’ve been laying on the couch crying in pain for the last 6 days in pain I’m on 2 none regular meds. My doctor upend my regular medications. My mom and Dad refuse to take me to the ER No matter how much I scream and cry in pain. I wanted to hangout with friends this holiday break but my boyfriend was the only one my dad would let come over bc of the pain I couldn’t finish my homework. This break turned into a nightmare

Nov 26, 2017 11:45 AM

How old are you? What state or country are you in?

Depending on where you're located, there may be laws that state a parent can't refuse you medical care when you're are in this much pain. For example, I'm in Ontario Canada, we have laws that are called Failing to Provide the Necessities of Life and Child Neglect, these laws require a parent to seek medical care for a child who is ill or is otherwise in severe pain. If you have a phone, you could also call police or a child protection agency.

Nov 26, 2017 8:58 PM

I'm sorry you're in this much pain. I wish I could help more, but if you're in agonizing unbearable pain you're only option for getting relief may be to contact child protection or the police who can get you to a hospital. It's not okay that you're parents are refusing medical care and treatment for you right now. If you're in school you can try talking to a teacher, principal, health nurse or counsellor as they can get you proper help too. I hope some of your pain subsides soon, nobody should be in so much pain that they are crying or screaming for a week straight.

Nov 27, 2017 4:33 AM

I'm sorry to hear that you're in so much pain. I know it can be difficult and overwhelming when the only thing you can think about is the pain.

Have you tried sitting down with your parents and your doctor to discuss your Chronic Pain?

I know the ER seems like it might help but they typically will only treat injures, etc and it's very expensive and don't prescribe pain meds. This is where your pain management doctor comes in.

If he/she is not proving you with the support you need talk to your parents and take a look at other local pain clinics. I know it may seem discouraging but you will find the care you need. It just takes time.

Nov 27, 2017 4:11 PM

ScruffyCub: I agree with you that a pain management program may help horsesnuggler12.

Nov 27, 2017 4:49 PM

Horsenuggler, where in the us are you? What do you have or do they know?

Nov 27, 2017 5:10 PM

I’m in Oregon and I have had CRPS since I was 6 it gets worse every year. I’ve had this flare for about two weeks now

Nov 27, 2017 9:37 PM

I think that getting to a doctor to help you with pain management would help more. I went to a ER once for my back pain. I was crying on the floor for hours non stop before my dad took me to the ER and ended up with nothing but some pain killers and a $900 bill.

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