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Will I ever get the help I need?

Apr 30, 2015 11:12 AM

Things have been truly rough. I am at my wits end. Sometimes I feel like giving up and just let whatever happen, happen. But I am truly scared to let that happen. I am still having problems with tapeworms. I gentlemen in out group was right when he said the one I showed was not a tapeworm but I don't know what that was. It looked like some kind of worm. It hurt really bad when it came through my sinuses. My ears plugged bad that I thought I was going to have vertigo.

Things have gotten so much worse. Except for my wife, most of my family, extended to said that I really need to consider being delusional. It took a whle but I finially got the evidence together to show my wife and she really believes me no. I don't have a cold, but I am coughing up straight lines that have striations on them that look like worms. But we magnified, and we say little worms coming out of it swiggling around. I had these lumps all over my stomach and and my chest and they were like the size of candy corn. I rubbed them to see what would happen and they all when in. I had to go to the emergency room because my intestines turned hard as a rock and it felt like something was going to burst out of where my liver is located. They said I was severly constipated. But my intestines turned soft the next day and I was quite the opposite. But I put out quite a bit of worms. I even have them subcutaneously in my face. I have what looks like an open red sore. It won't heal but I put a flashlight up to my face and there is like a design in my face. i take the light away and a few minutes it disappears.

So so far I have it in my arm in the muscle. That is where the reproduce. I can feel the embryospere, which is a round circle ablout one and a half inches wide and feels like a worm but is not a worm. And then there is a space called and oncospore and then there is a sack that has the baby worms in it with their hooks. Tapeworms have hooks too. This process is like an 8 on the pain scale in my right arm. I described that to my doctor and then just learned about it the other day on the cbc website. But they don't find it interesting that I described it to them before I knew what it was. The part they can't get by and I do understand a little bit is that my esosinophils of my white blood cells are not elevated. That is the part that recognises something foreign or an allergy. But I had the idea that if I had the infection a long time, then maybe my body became desensitized to it like allergy shots. I don't know but it was a thought. But I have a lot of tape worms in my head but I discovered they are on my scalp. They are getting close to my eyes though. When I rubbed my stomach, I hit something that moved it in my head. I found one tapeworm on my top intestine. When I pinched it to move it, it worked a little but then I started rubbling from one side to the other. It pulled one one out of my head and down my neck which what was creepy. Then I put it into a pile. But it went back up there.

I am trying natural things I have read like, turmeric, coconut oil capsules, and garlic i think you are suppose to use one at a time but I am trying all three. I added a probiotic. It has made me anemic so I added vitamin c and iron. Plus I take ubiquinal, fish oil, a daily vitamin, a B complex, 10000 mcg of vitamin D. I decided to really load on vitamin D because I don't leave the house much and it does boost your immune system.

So I try not to think about it during the day at all. Only when they move a lot, I have to take some xanax and they have progressively got worse. Taking the cymbalta has really helped me deal with my pain better. I am not longer praying for a break from the break to rejuvinat myself. The medicine allows me to do that on a regular basis which has been a blessing for me. I am in bad pain but at the same time, I am cutting back on my pain pills. I find that humerous since my pain is the worse it has ever been, that I am able to cut back.

What I have run into, is that i have gone to UVA medical center in Virginia. I have been to a few specialist for the same problem but because they all share the same file, I am only there for a brief time because they read previous notes saying they think I am delusional. The only test that has been done is that blood test and one stool sample. The cdc says you need to do several days of stool samples because you have to catch them on the day their eggs have been released. That is the only thing that makes the test posittive is the eggs. Not them being in the stool. Plus I think it may be in the bone in my right arms where the eggs are made because since this has happened, that bone has felt broke. I have gone to the emergency room to get an x-ray. But it reminds me of when I fell and broke and snappend my ankle off. LIKE i was telling you,it is an 8 on the pain scale.

So I don't know what to do. I say infectious disease today where they share the record. I told my doctoe that I was going to another doctor to get a referal. That I didn't want the hospital to taint a fresh visit. When I looked up who to go to for a parasite infection, it pulled up gastrointestinal docs all across the board and no others in most cities. He said he would do that for me. I felt my stomach have different sacs that popped on my intestines. II is scaring me so bad but for the most part I am staying quiet. The other day they were moving so bad, that I just cried for 10 minutes. That is so not me. I normally try to ignore my feelings and focus on others and imagine their pain. I feel selfish confronting my own. But i know that is wrong.

The hardest part is my kids not believing me. And resenting me for taking me to the hospital. I have stood by them all their lives and I feel i deserve the benift of the doubt. I saw this sigh for depression the other day but i felt like it applied to situations like this. It said the worse thing you can do to someone who has an illness that is invisable is making them prove it to you.

Well thanks for listening to my rant. I am sorry to talk so much about it.

Apr 30, 2015 11:13 AM

Sorry ignore this post. I didn't see my post so I posted it again

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