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Nov 12, 2016 10:18 PM

My husband deals with so much,
I feel sorry for my son he is only 22 months.
Im passing out all the time.
Getting really angry for no reasons.
I try to hide it from my son but the fatigue is overwhelming.
I have valium for it but that just zones me out.
At this point i just want to be left the f*** alone.
I cant though i have a child.
Tramadol is a hell of a drug to get off of

Husband asks me whats wrong,
he's just being caring.
I tell him to f*** off.
What is wrong with me?
He's doing everyhing i would do in the house plus more.
I suck
Also out of palexia yay for double withdrawal

Nov 12, 2016 10:34 PM

Mknight you do NOT suck
Coming of a drug like that or any drug that causes withdrawal is going to feel like this.
Your husband knows you're coming off the tramadol so and is trying to be kind so maybe when you have a calm minute just say to him that you're sorry but withdrawal is a bitch.....if you have trouble saying it or trouble keeping calm while talking just message him with it instead but I'm very sure he already knows.
Once you have completely swapped over and the withdrawal has stopped things will look and feel better and those famous words.....bear with it things will get better.

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