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Working with chronic pain

Nov 27, 2017 2:24 PM

So I just got a job offer today doing housekeeping at a nursing home. My husband doesn't work (he has a habit of not working but does bring in veterans disability). It will be 32 hours a week, four days on and three off. I'm stressed because I'm worried about the pain, but I'm more worried about my daughter. She's only 4 and I'm worried my husband won't take proper care of her.

I'm also worried about how this could flare my fibro and ra. Needless to say I'm terrified of waking up being in excruciating pain and then having to go to work. I'm hoping it won't put me in a flare that never goes away. I know how hard it can be because I've worked in nursing homes before. On the up side maybe I will lose some weight and gain some muscle.

Nov 27, 2017 9:49 PM

I know working can be hard for people like us. I recently was forced to start looking for a job because my current job is too physically hard on me. You have to do whats right for you and your family.

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