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You know you're chronically ill when...

Oct 22, 2017 4:05 PM

...you grin goofily and walk out on Cloud Nine when a doctor tells you that you have something completely normal, diagnosable, and common. My ten favorite words: "I see two or three patients a day with this." It's not my main problem, but hey, if we can treat ONE of my symptoms, I'll take it. And the major upside to common conditions? LOTS of treatments for it! Based on the severity of mine, I'll probably end up with tubes in my ears, but I've long said I'd be fine with replacing the majority of my body with cyborg technology if it will stop or just reduce the pain. And despite the chronic pain of the last 24 years, I rarely was unable to sleep because of it. The ice-pick-in-the-ear thing from this Eustachian Tube Dysfunction kept me up all the time, and my regular pain meds didn't touch it.

The best part? The doctor prefaced his above statement, made BEFORE the exam, saying, "As an Ehlers-Danlos patient, you'll probably be really happy about this." So he KNOWS our frustrations. He didn't even look at me weird when I started grinning and laughing. It was a good day. And when I called my mom, from whom I inherited the EDS, she couldn't believe it. She hadn't had something like other people requiring a specialist (you know, seeing the primary for strep doesn't count) since appendicitis as a teen. She was kinda jealous.

Here's wishing all of you normal, treatable diagnoses, even if they're unrelated to your primary condition!

Oct 22, 2017 10:20 PM

I hear that. Before i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia my boyfriend convinced me to go to yhe doctor after i had spent days crying over my pain. I was convinced they would not find anything. I had gone to the doctors before and they gave me the good pain killers, but they dont work on me. Fibromyalgia may not be cured or a one size fits all treatment, but at least i am getting treatment. I was getting nothing before and had no answers.

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