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you prob have lyme disease

Aug 25, 2015 1:32 AM

Fibro and headaches and alllll ur pain. Ur thyroid dysfunction. Ur adrenal fatigue. .etcetcetc. could alllll be lyme and coinfections.

Aug 25, 2015 1:41 AM

I guess so. I just think that ultimately most chronic illnesses (especially differential diagnoses) have the same root. We just haven't figured it out yet. Some things coincide with foods being replaced by new species.

I think many people also are suspect of their own illnesses. I know I am! I have seen so much CRPS/RSD. I feel like I could diagnose it.

Thyroid dysfunction, it could be caused by Lyme, or by diet, or by genetics.

Aug 25, 2015 1:45 AM

Yes all true...I messed up my thyroid even more by trying to eat super healthy for yrs. Major oxalate issue..... I also I all hpv gardisil vaccines before I was awake...

Aug 25, 2015 8:19 AM

This link explains you can only contact lyme disease by getting bitten by the tick of a deer.


Aug 25, 2015 9:01 AM

I have been bitten by a tick 3x in 53 years. I have been tested by multiple doctors and do not have Lymes or any tick borne illness. Fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, migraines, asthma, anemia, and gallbladder diseases run rampant on both sides of my family. I wish it could have been caused by Lymes because it's easier to treat. 🙏🌼

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