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Zanaflex & Suboxone- good? Bad? What are people's experiences?

Feb 06, 2016 6:51 PM

My pain doc is recommending adding Zanaflex. He also mentioned suboxone. I've had terrible problems with so many meds, I'm worried. Lyrica, Neurontin, amitriptyline, Cymbalta, effexor...those were terrible. I'm worried about the sedation effects of Zanaflex..I love to dance, I work full time and have grad school full time...I can't be *more* tired than I already am... Suboxone scared the crap out of me !! There is A LOT of scary patient stories out there...

If anyone has used these, have they helped ? I have RSD/CRPS and Fibro... Thank you!!

Feb 06, 2016 9:48 PM

The Zanaflex helps me a lot. I have CRPS and chronic migraines (20+ per month) and the Zanaflex is the only thing that gives me the ability to relax for a little while.

Feb 06, 2016 10:01 PM

Thanks! I did some additional research. The doc mentioned buprenorphine, which is Subutex? It does not have the naloxone. Somewhat less scary but I still have concerns about break through pain or if I have surgery (which seems yearly lately...)

I currently use Percocet and Robaxin. They help a lot but new fibro pain is causing problems. My dose has been fine, it's not that I've become too used to it, my pain was fairly stable and mainly my left arm-severe sometimes upper body and ankle. About 7 months ago I started having severe joint and wide spread muscular pain. It happened after I got pricked by a rose thorn. I think it's sporortichosis but my PCP and the rheum I saw don't agree (and can't test for it without a biopsy which they won't do). The symptoms started *distinctly* after the prick! But all I can get is a fibro diagnosis. I'm used to the arm pain. The whole body thing....that is a lot harder. So, reluctantly I need to look at other meds. After a recent surgery my Percocet was slightly increased. That helped everything! But the PM doc said I can't use that dose daily. (it's a viable dose, he just won't approve it long term). I wish he would because I know the affects of Percocet and robaxin- they don't bother me.

Feb 07, 2016 12:58 AM

Gardener, doctors are running scared on the percocets, the DEA is monitoring scripts, because of Senator Manchin and Portman, they are concerned with addiction of heroin and want these drugs off the market and anyone diagnosed with Fibro to try other therapies. I watched Manchin on CSPAN and he is trying to get Congress and doctors to stop the prescribing of any pain Meds, that's why Tramadol is now considered a narcotic when it's really not. I have done my research as I take oxy's and my doctor is trying to wean me off mine. This is for real, I'm not some crackpot. My doctor even lied to me and told me that there is a research study that proves oxy's only increase pain they don't help, then why do they help mine.

Feb 07, 2016 4:30 AM

I went to pain management and they told me the Butrans patch the flexeril and the trammadol probably were not helping my fibromyalgia. They were however helping my cronic low back pain. The pych gave me amityptiline for. My depression, and i was still feeling blue so she up the dose. That made me dizzy six or more times a day. So she switched me to prozac. I cant afford brand name lyrica or ithers meds so my doctor gave me the gabapentin and i have to take it 3x/day. It seems to help for 5-6 hours then i have to wait 2-3 hours to take it again. So now i am off the pain patch and only take the trammodol when my pain reaches the unbearable 7-9. I need to get off this medication roller coaster. I cant drive vecause the combination of meds makes me either sleepy or loopy. If i skip meds i can go out for a short time but usually return exahusted.

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