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Zero relief with morphine?

Oct 08, 2015 3:01 AM

They can give me huge amounts of morphine and it does nothing but hurt my tummy. Dilaudid only works if given at like 6mg every 8 min. (When I was in hospital) if they gave me a full shot within 8 mins all effects were gone. I have no idea why it's like that. I had genetic testing that says I process morohine normally. ??? It does zero for my pain.

Oct 08, 2015 6:38 AM

Morphine only helps my migraines, it makes the rest of my pain worse due to muscle tension. I've never taken dilaudid. I now take Norco which helps without all the nasty side affects of morphine or oxycodone and OxyContin. You couldn't pay me to take those again. we all respond so differently to meds. No one size fits all. I hope you can get relief! ✌️

Oct 08, 2015 7:44 AM

I have had dilaudid at the hospital but it didn't really help. My primary doctor is baffled why every pain medication she has tried me on does nothing. I actually thought the doctor was giving me placebos. I have been to 2 pain clinics who both said nothing more they can do. I hope you find the treatment that helps your pain

Oct 08, 2015 9:27 AM

LBroomfield, dilauded is a derivative of morphine. Generally when you are getting it IV, it goes direct into your bloodstream so that you don't have the belly issues. I am on 300mg of morphine daily and it takes the edge off that I can function like a human (or something of the like). I hope they can find something that does help you. Feel better. 🙏🏻🌻

Oct 08, 2015 9:50 AM

For me morphine just makes me unable to spesk.. Basically all I can do is cry because I still hurt and am so frustrated that I cannot talk. Then comes the itching oh joy! So I just put it as an allergy that way I do not have to worry about it. I know it is not a true allergy but damn it sucks when you have had enough to kill a cow and you are still hurting so badly that all you can do is cry and shake. Never again for me. It is sad when doctors think they are so much smarter than their pain patients. Dilauid actually causes me breathing issues, last surgery I almost coded after surgery from a Dilauid drip. Pain sucks, short version. Good luck fellow warriors.

Oct 08, 2015 9:57 AM

Pain does suck!!! The meds and doses I am on are so high they would probably kill a "normal" person. Yet, it is horribly painful just the same. I don't think there is a drug on the planet that can take away this kind of pain.

Oct 08, 2015 11:23 AM

Sham, thankfully I don't have to worry about Morphine the next time. Had a pretty serious reaction after last surgery. Face swelled up, arm swelled up, itching like no tomorrow. Dilaudid, same thing. The only option I have is fentanyl and that is some nasty stuff for me. And yes, pain does suck!!!

Oct 08, 2015 2:45 PM

Honestly marijuana edibles work better than anything for me. I cannot find a downside from a medical standpoint. Legal standpoint different problem- not legal yet in my state. It does take 30 to 45 minutes to get in your system when you eat it, there is a learning curve figuring out what dose works for you. If you are smoking it works instantly, but unless you are using a vaporizer you have the issue of tar going into your respiratory system.

Oct 09, 2015 10:16 AM

Lmb I am in full support of Marijuana. When life gets bad I get me a chocolate bar. Because we are very limited on income so it is only every few months I can afford it. I live in a state where it is legal and the issue for me is I can't afford to g

Oct 09, 2015 10:18 AM

Sorry hit the button...can't afford to get the medical card to lower the price. I am not for smoking it is a different affect where the edibles are more like the best muscle relaxer pain reliever all in one.

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